Breakfast for my BEAR cubs

does not always go smoothly I often feel I am coaxing and begging and pleading
for the little cubs to eat up! 
Sometimes breakfast is such a long drawn out affair you think you will
be lucky to make it to school at all… I was even tempted to send them to
breakfast club the other day, because although they eat well it just takes
AGES! Luckily BEAR came to the rescue
sending us two boxes of their new cereal range. We are already fans of BEAR snacks so naturally were keen to
explore everything they have on offer.

Alphabites (RRP £2.69) are not only healthy but extremely good fun!

“Stop with the pictures we want to get on with the eating!”

Children can spell out some words, enjoy the
puzzles on the back of the boxes and learn some interesting facts (like the
pressure on Venus would crush you like a can!) whilst munching down their
breakfast! Before you know it the bowl
is empty and they are asking for second portions.

of the facts made the boys giggle. I do
not think they could easily go back to another cereal now; they would miss the
box too much! They did enjoy the taste
too, the Cocoa Multigrain proving slightly more popular. But this is one chocolate cereal I am happy
for them to have; as it comes with no added nonsense… and actually contains one
of their three daily wholegrain portions! 
Adults quite like it too; I had to fend hubbie off the boxes to leave
some for my boys!!!

BEAR is all about happy children so alongside the lovely
cereal they sent an activity for my boys to do to make an awesome alien. This was fabulous entertainment and very
easy to do, all you need is a wooden spoon, green paint, some googly eyes,
glue, some felt to cut for the ears, a pipe cleaner antennae and a pen to draw
on a smile.

Alphabites are available to buy from Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, Holland &
Barrett, Planet Organic and lots of small chains and independents.

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