Preparing for Halloween

Halloween celebrations are usually on quite a large scale
here, we do apple bobbing, trick a treating, pumpkin carving and fancy dress
costumes each year! The boys love all
the preparations and bringing out the giant box of Halloween decorations and
accessories from the loft, much hilarity revolves around our giant toad and
tiny rat figures with both having been mistook for real creatures before now.

pumpkin is always the centerpiece for our buffet table, but our carving
attempts are usually quite amateurish, each year we try and trump the one

I think we definitely need to get some stencils to have a more ghastly pumpkin
on display. If we had some alphabet stencils too we could engrave pumpkins with creepy messages… we could have one
on our doorstep welcoming visitors!

will wonder how come our techniques are so skilled! I might not admit to having a stash of stencils at home. The Willy Wiz one would look lovely all lit
up and not to scary if your children are not too keen on the spooky side of
Halloween. You could make it all about
wonder and magic with wizards instead!

will be here before we know it so now is the time to get your orders in, I
wonder what else we can add to our collection this year. Aside from the stencils I think some garden
decorations might be nice, some in the local community do a lovely job with
very atmosphere scenes making trick a treating that much more exciting! Most of the fun is going around spotting what you can see on your travels, it might not be on the scale you see in America but its nice to put some effort in as the local children really appreciate it! Although am not sure hubbie would let me have life size skeletons and giant spiders dotted around, I just get away with the amount I have at home already!

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