Tips to prepare for Halloween


My boys have always liked Halloween.  Since they were very young they loved getting dressed up.  They have been everything from a werewolf, skeleton and vampire to a zombie and skeletal pirate! It’s not just the costumes they like so much its the extra fun and sweets associated with the day!  This article covers how we prepare for Halloween.

We often go to community events or in the past we have hosted parties of our own. Bobbing for apples and trick a treating being some of their most cherished childhood memories. Even now they are older they still get excited about the festivities.

Halloween in LEGOLAND

One year we went to the LEGOLAND around Halloween for the Brick or Treat event they made Lego pumpkins and help with a much bigger Halloween mosaic which was a nice change! So do your research and see what events are taking place further afield.

Halloween House Party

For our house parties we have a Halloween kit in the loft full to the brim with decorations including a plastic rat, a giant toad (they kids love this!) and a cauldron, every year we gradually add a few more bits. Just look how tiny (and adorable) my youngest was when he enjoyed his very first Halloween party at home.

Countdown to prepare for Halloween

Now the countdown beings for Halloween 2017 and with it our preparations are very much underway. If you want to make more of an occasion of it this year than I would recommend printing out this Halloween to-do list I found on the Personalised Gifts Shop. You can quickly tick off items on their list and really get into the Halloween mood! Ideal if you need more inspiration and fancy trying something different then the list is a huge help. Your children grow up so quick its time to make some Halloween memories!

If you have got very young children I like their ideas to get involved decorating the pumpkin. I think its safer having a no carve pumpkin in the earlier days in case the little ones try and “help”! Yes I am that mum that ALWAYS panics about safety!!!

We have made Halloween cupcakes one year and I completely recommend you guys giving them a try they look gruesome but taste great, big juicy worms and eyeballs what’s not to love.

I need to get the boys personalised trick a treating bags from the Personalised Gifts Shop, at the moment we use plastic tubs but their bags are more stylish! As the boys have got older they are a bit more discerning about what they put their sweets in…

We mainly did the usual party games but with spooky music playing and the apple bobbing I previously mentioned, but I have more ideas now and really want to try the mini pumpkin hunt in our garden.

How do you prepare for Halloween?

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