Rapidough Review and Competition

We spent a lovely afternoon playing this game, it is for
children 8 plus but with a little help my two boys aged 4 and 6 had plenty of fun

It was actually a really good game
for eldest to practise reading and building his vocabulary! I used the game cards as flash cards first
so I knew he could read enough of the words to play the game without help. For youngest as he was with team daddy, I would
whisper him the word he needed to model so daddy could then guess. He was pleased we did this, as he really
wanted to try his hand modelling the word on the game card too, he was very
proud when daddy managed to guess what he had made correctly! I love his candle!

is quite a simple game to start playing, not too much to set up or complicated
instructions to deliberate. Rapidough
comes complete with the dough you need to sculpt the words on the game cards
and a little tool to model it. We had
so many giggles laughing at each other’s creations; it is a really fun game to
play. Hubbie is in fits of laughter, he was trying to model Bob the Builder, no wonder youngest could not guess!

I somehow guessed Poodle with this interesting shape!

I love that we all play at the same time, so the boys stayed happily occupied, they are either modelling or guessing, so never a dull moment. The team that guesses first uses the special little tool to pinch a portion of dough off the losing team…

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201 thoughts on “Rapidough Review and Competition

  1. Have played similar kinds of games and always leads to lots of fun and laughter in our house. Would love to win this to add to our games collection as it looks really fab.

  2. My little ones and not so little ones love modelling doh so this looks like a really fun creative game. Judging by the photos it is definitely great fun!

  3. Played this game once before, It was hilarious, would give this to my dad if I won because he absolutely loved it!

  4. I've played before its great fun. I would love to win and get all the family to play ideally over Christmas time 😀

  5. as a family we're not exactly known for our artistic ability so I'm sure we'll be sore from laughing by the end of the game.

  6. Sounds so fantastic! Would definitely keep the kids entertained when the rain's pouring down outside. Thank you! 🙂

  7. Looks like your hubby is having as much fun as your gorgeous little boy playing this game (men all big kids at heart)

  8. really glad you all had fun its special times like this spending them together stronger bonds grow like that 🙂 @ZoeRoxby

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