Caravans and camping: 5 reasons why my favourite holidays have been the ones spent on campsites

There’s just something so gloriously nostalgic about going caravanning and camping. I think it’s because it reminds me of when my parents and I used to load up our little tourer caravan, hook it to the back of the car and set off on an adventure. Now, I’m the one taking my own kids on camping trips. Here are just some of the reasons why I love our caravan breaks…

The sound of rain on a caravan roof

While no one wants it to rain for the whole holiday, I really don’t mind a bit of a downpour every now and again. The sound of rain pattering on a caravan roof is just so soothing, it’s lovely to listen to as you drift off to sleep at night. And, if it rains during the day, it’s an excuse to get all those board games out that everyone says they hate but secretly they enjoy. Some of our best holiday memories come from just sitting together and playing Scrabble or Monopoly.


When I was little, I vividly remember staying at a caravan site near Filey in Yorkshire. I made friends with the site owner’s daughter, playing football with her and riding donkeys along the beach together. We wrote to each other with all our news for years and, still to this day, we send birthday and Christmas messages. And, our eldest daughter has already picked up a couple of campsite penpals of her own – although these days, it’s all done via email.

Filey, Yorkshire:

The kids’ clubs

Our two little ones soon tire of just parents to keep them entertained. So, the well organised kids’ clubs at caravan sites like one of our Parkdean favourites, are ideal. Our kids are occupied for a couple of hours, they make new friends, they learn new skills, and I can catch up on some holiday reading. When we all meet up afterwards, everyone has something to talk about.

The locations

Because campsites aren’t so obtrusive as huge hotels, they’re often set in the most stunning locations where other buildings simply wouldn’t be allowed. We love the site at Lizard Point in Cornwall which sits on the cliff top, with views out to sea, and Challaborough Bay in Devon, which is right on the edge of a gorgeous sheltered beach.

Lizard Point, Cornwall:

You don’t have to pack light

While airline luggage restrictions can mean it’s difficult, or expensive, to pack everything you might need, when we take a caravan or camping trip, it’s usually a staycation. So, we can simply throw everything in the boot of the car and head off. In the past, we’ve taken kites for the kids to fly on the beach when the wind picks up, we’ve packed a little paddling pool for warm weather and we’ve strapped our bikes to the back of the car – all items that would have been impossible to take if we were jetting off somewhere.

Challaborough Bay, Devon –

Katie is the newbie blogger behind These are just a few of the reasons why, no matter where else she travels with her family during the year, they always find time for one camping or caravan trip.

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