Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Review

We have so many board games I did debate whether I needed
to add another into the mix! But with
the Christmas theme I thought it would make a welcome change to the board games
we currently own. In the run up to
Christmas it is lovely to have a game you can play together as a family to get
into the spirit of things. The boys
especially enjoyed playing Santa delivering presents around the board.

first glance I did worry about the epic tome for the game instructions, but
everything is just explained well.

you start playing it all becomes clear and the fact there are so many extra
features within the game makes it quite a challenge! You think you might be winning and then someone lands on the pass
a present space and you end up with another present to deliver! Or you land on the late letter space and
have another child added to your delivery list… the game does keep you on your

is aimed for children 5+ but youngest who is 4 played well and won! Although I do not think he has the
concentration if the game lasted a long time. 
He landed twice on the pass a present space so he quickly got through
his deliveries.

is a bargain at the moment for £14.33 from Amazon,
I think we will be bringing it out every year as we get closer to
Christmas. The pieces seem well made
and sturdy so am sure we will be playing it for many years to come. Every child loves Santa so getting a chance to play him is a real treat!

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