Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Trackset Review

I have never seen my boys so enthusiastic! They absolutely loved this Hot Wheels track (RRP £44.99). It kept them occupied for

Play was a little noisy and the
odd car did fly off the track but it really was a good set for my boys. We have actually gone through a set of D
batteries (it takes 4 each time) in a few days as they have it on for
hours. The cost of replacement
batteries is a small price to pay for entertainment that lasts this long! They have got out all their other Hot Wheel
cars to see which goes round the track the fastest! Youngest tried to put bigger cars in
sideways; he always likes to test toys to extremes! But thankfully the trackset still works despite this.

It is an exciting set with cars speeding through the
tracks. There is further thrills when
you add an iPad to the special stand built within the set, I had my brother
come round so we could test out these features as currently we do not own an
iPad (but hubbie I would LOVE one hint hint!). 
You can add different backdrops to the track then; there is a farm with
a naughty tornado, a water shark scene and a cyborg one with battle elements. You can
also buy a further couple for £1.49 each.

I think it is an interesting addition adding iPad
capabilities but personally I am quite happy for them to play the set without
them. I do prefer playtime to involve a
break from screens. I think its good to
see what it offers, have a little nose around the app but then encourage your
children to enjoy the racing minus the screen. 
Having said that when we placed the glyph’s on the floor and watched the
dinosaur and cyborg go into an unexpected battle, all of us were quite

“It is awesome seeing the cars go outside down and not
falling off” (eldest aged 6) and that “they go so fast” (youngest aged 4). So an all round success for my two!

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