Family Holidays, Second Homes and St Lucia

St Lucia

OK, so St. Lucia might not be your automatic choice for a family holiday. For many people, St. Lucia is the perfect location for honeymooning, with lush forests, unspoilt beaches and idyllic sunsets. But I’m here to tell you however that St. Lucia is also ideally suited to family holidays.  It is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean on which to buy a luxury second home.

I am a little green with envy one of my close blogging friends has won a two week cruise there.  I know she will have a rather fabulous time and she is excited her son is joining her for the adventure!

With its white and silver beaches, unspoilt rainforest and breath-taking coast line, St. Lucia has every facet of nature to offer you and your family. You can enjoy lazy days out on the beach, taking in the surrounds as the kids paddle in the shallows. You can venture into the rainforest.  Looking out for the St. Lucian parrot and the famous tiny yet friendly worm snake which is endemic to the island – the kids will love it! If your children are a little older, it’s a great idea to get them scuba diving.  There are some amazing dives around the Pitons and the UNESCO World Heritage site.

At the same time, on St. Lucia you have all the modern conveniences you need, so you can forget getting stressed over the food shopping (for once). Five star resorts, luxury caribbean residences and a sumptuous array of dining facilities means that if you want a holiday where you want to relax – and we’re guessing you do – it’s easy to do so.

As well as choosing to holiday on St. Lucia, many families are also buying real estate here. For those with the cash, it’s a decision which makes sense on many levels. For one, St. Lucia is highly stable.  Investors can be assured that their money is safe. Then there’s the fact that the island’s infrastructure is very well developed, more so than on many other islands. In addition, the number of daily flights to St. Lucia is on the up and there are investment perks related to buying property. Unlike some other islands, such as Barbados, St. Lucia is not highly developed.  You can still have all the privacy you require.  Perfect for a relaxing family vacation, whilst also having easy access to friendly local bars and entertainment. It sounds ideal!

Where should you look for a family property?

In terms of areas, Marigot Bay, Rodney Bay and Castries are all popular. One bedroom apartments start from $200,000 in Marigot Bay. If you fancy living life colonial-style, head outside of the resorts and pay $500,000 for a period home set in acres of land, offering seclusion and privacy. Alternatively, for something extra fancy, check out the beautiful Sugar Bay Residences, situated between The Pitons, where a tropical valley is home to exclusive luxury caribbean real estate that ranges from a cool $4-10 million in price. I think instead I will keep on dreaming…

So, whether you’re looking for a beautiful, tranquil spot for a much-needed de-stressing family holiday or you’re choosing the perfect spot for a second home, St. Lucia has what you need. A gorgeous location, plenty of fun things to do, and a wide choice of properties make it the ideal choice. Now you’ve just got to persuade your other half!  Here are some more reasons to consider investing in a holiday home which might help you persuade them.

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