Winter can be lovely too

It is getting colder and colder, we have the heating on
and are tucked up in our onesies! But
its not all doom and gloom until the sun shines again, there are lots of lovely
things you can enjoy come winter. 
Megaflow have made a list of a few:


can enjoy the warm comforting drink with or without whipped cream and
marshmallows. Hubbie and youngest both
enjoy them with the works, including a Cadbury’s flake balanced on top for good
measure! It definitely takes the edge
off a chilly day; I just wish I liked them myself!


like a bath to relax and indulge, I love it filled to the top with bubbles and
if I am lucky hubbie dots the bathroom with candles too. Soaking in hot water can make you feel toasty

More excuses to watch TV

can justify more screen time if the weather is awful outside! I can finally catch up with Downton Abbey or
we can watch more family films together chomping down on popcorn and chocolate!


excuse to start wearing your lovely winter wardrobe, your slipper boots and the
fluffy dressing gown wrapped around you to take the edge off winter.

Christmas is on its way

My boys visited two grottos this weekend;
I love all the gear up for Christmas, the sparkly lights, the mulled wine and the
festive stalls. You can feel the magic
in the air and it seems to have started earlier this year for us anyway! Plus I have a thing for mince pies and Christmas pudding; I
cannot get enough of either of them.

The chance of snow

With winter we might get the chance
to build some snowmen or enjoy a few snowball fights!

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