Making Play Snow #PayPalMoments

Normally I would be frantically shopping now ready to give the boys an enchanting Christmas, but with PayPal taking the stress out of the gifts I have more quality time to spend with my boys. Everything is just arriving on our doorstep and I do not have to deal with the Christmas crowds! I am so pleased to be involved in there Magical Christmas Moments campaign and have a chance to cherish our time as a family.

We are planning on making the run up to
Christmas more special instead, planning a few unique experiences for the boys
to treasure. If I am honest its such a
relief being able to shop from the comfort of our own home and make the most of
the next few weeks.

The boys love seeing snow but we rarely do, so to give them a chance of a white Christmas this year we have been making our own. Play Snow is actually surprisingly easy
to make, it’s a great sensory experience, as the boys mixed and moulded the
ingredients they liked how it felt.

If you want to attempt making your own
you will need a can of shaving foam, cornflour (we used two 250g boxes) and
glitter for added sparkle! For an
authentic experience you can add it to the freezer for 10 minutes so it feels nice
and cold. We also tried using a cornflour and baby oil version, which made a nice frozen crackly sound but did not form snowballs as well.

Be warned it was a very
messy activity! The boys were covered
in white, but they had such a wonderful time and were very
proud they had made “snow”. You can easily use a bit of a carrot and a few raisins to transform your play snow into a sweet snowman.

Youngest said it was fun making his own Olaf.

They also dug out some toys to make a winter wonderland scene.

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