5 Most Common Reasons for Bad Sleep

Sleep is essential to our well being. A few nights without a decent sleep and our bodies very quickly begin to show signs of not coping. Sleep deprivation is detrimental to our health, so it’s important to understand the reasons we are not sleeping well and how to remedy them.

A Bad Bed

One of the most common reasons for poor sleep is an uncomfortable bed. Research has proven that those with uncomfortable beds sleep less hours than people who have comfortable ones. While this is far from rocket science it is amazing how many people toss and turn each night and do not consider buying a better bed. Given the health risks associated with poor sleep and the fact that we spend almost half our lives sleeping, a good bed would seem a very worthwhile investment.

While your bed may have once been good, over time it will deteriorate. We sweat up to a quarter of a litre each night and also lose skin scales while we sleep. An old bed can become unhygienic and is also a haven for dust mites. Consider replacing an old bed and you will almost certainly experience an improvement in your sleep. Check out superamart.com.au/ to see what is available.

It is also important that your bed is supportive enough. Your mattress should be firm enough to support you but also comfortable enough to cushion the bodies bony curves.

Room Temperature

If your bed is comfortable and offers your body good support then you will need to look a little further as to why you may not be sleeping well. Room temperature most definitely affects how you sleep. The body and brain need to cool down to sleep. If the room temperature is too warm it will make it hard for your body to carry out the cool down process that leads to good sleep. You can try adding a fan to your room to cool the temperature. Many people find sleeping with a fan helps them sleep as the consistent buzz is conducive to sleep. Make sure you don’t get too cold however as this too will disrupt a good sleep.


If your room is too light you may experience trouble sleeping. Close curtains and turn off any electronic devices emitting light. If there is too much light in your room your body is tricked into thinking its day time.


Many people struggle with sleep because they overthink. When they go to bed their minds begin to go back through the events of the day and dissect any problems they may be experiencing in their daytime life. One of the best strategies for dealing with this is to get out of bed and move to a different area of the house, leaving the lights out.


If you are experiencing any difficulty in sleeping it is really important to ensure you do not have caffeine late in the day. It is probably best not to consume any caffeine after lunchtime.

No more late tea and cake sessions for me anymore! Boo, although I can go decaff!

5 thoughts on “5 Most Common Reasons for Bad Sleep

  1. LOL As I have been an insomniac for all of my life (38 years!), I have invested in a good bed, have an expensive duck down duvet, have black out blinds, cool my room right down and I stay away from coffee from tea time…..so the only one left is an overactive mind – and yes I agree – that is my problem! I have tried sleep dvd's, I have tried switching off my laptop, tv etc and reading to tire out my eyes, I write down lists of things I need to do the next day….and none of those has worked! The only thing that works for me is chesty cough medicine that causes drowsiness (like Night Nurse) A spoon full of that half an hour before bed does knock me out and make me sleep a little longer but as soon as the bottle is empty I am back to not sleeping again! So I would so love to find a natural and permanent solution to my insomnia – at least before I reach the age of 70!

  2. Oh and I have tried sleeping tablets from the doc but she won't prescribe me them any more because I came addicted! And I tried herbal Nytol tablets – they weren't strong enough and the non-herbal Nytol tablets gave me restless leg syndrome! OMG! I am a lost cause lol!

  3. I've just changed my mattress and have given up caffeine past 6pm and already it's making a difference! Feeling so much better xxx Great tips xx

  4. I have so many bad bedtime habits – drinking coffee far too many times a day is the main one but I just cannot find a decaf I like. I don't know if it subconscious but I am ADAMANT it does taste horrid!
    Needs to be sorted though I am a sleeping mess!

  5. Back in 09 My Number one problem to poor sleep was SNORING! 🙁

    I used to have it bad, it got to the point where my relationship was getting very top heavy.
    Not to sound like a cheesy advertiser but, anti snoring mouthpieces will save you soooo my emotional pain and give you that rest you want. I hear alot of talk about the Zquiet, so I went ahead and did a deep review.
    So if anyone out there shares the same problem as I once did you can benefit greatly from this. http://goo.gl/PBctxn

    To a good nights Rest!

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