7 Tips to Relax Body and Mind

We all lead such busy lives these days that it can be too easy to keep rushing around without taking some time to do the important job of relaxing. While this comes very easily to some people, the rest of us often need a little nudge in the right direction, so here are seven tips to help you to relax.

Relax the eyes 

With the amount of time spent staring at various screens, ranging from smartphones through to monitors and TV screens, life can be pretty hard on the eyes, even if you do take regular screen breaks. Take a quick break anywhere by cupping a hand over each eye and staring into the darkness for five minutes while taking deep breaths. Afterwards, your eyes will feel refreshed and you will be calmer. Or, if you have a window with a view, spend five minutes staring into the distance. This uses different eye muscles and will help you to relax.

Get a massage

The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul, but when it comes to relaxation, it might be worth considering that the soles are the windows to the body. Few things are more relaxing than having a massage with good foot care products especially designed for your tootsies. Set aside an evening to give yourself a pedicure. Even better, invite a friend to join you so you can give each other a fun foot treatment and make the most of the pampering.

Help your back staying healthy

Many of us have appalling posture, whether it comes from hunching over phones or laptops, carrying overly heavy bags or wearing impractical shoes. This can result in aches and pains and tension being stored in the neck and shoulders. A neck rub can work wonders if you have someone willing to help. If not, a long soak in a warm bath will wash it all away.

Get a manicure

Taking a few minutes out of a hectic day for a little treat can make you look and feel great. There are nail bars in most towns and cities that specialise in express manicures. Just taking time to sit and relax while someone else attends to your nails can help you to kick back and forget your worries for a while. Plus your hands will look fabulous afterwards, which will give you a boost to see you through the day.

Find some time for yourself

Find time to put your feet up for ten minutes with a warm drink and a new magazine. A quick flick through chatty articles and glossy ads can help you unwind and give you some fresh ideas for your wardrobe or beauty regime. And the warm drink will rehydrate you and make you feel ready to go again.

Go for a walk or moderate exercise

Brave the elements by wrapping up warm and going for a walk in the fresh air. By taking a little moderate exercise and changing your surroundings for a short time, you will feel more relaxed and energised.

Although you don’t necessarily need to be somewhere serene and peaceful, even walking through a busy city market can help to take your mind off things.

Call a friend for a quick catch up

With the advent of social media, many of us tend to keep in touch by using electronic messages. This can be a quick, convenient and fun way to socialise, but it’s no substitute for a heart to heart or a giggle with a close friend. Grab a cuppa and a quiet corner and have a friendly five minutes on the phone.

9 thoughts on “7 Tips to Relax Body and Mind

  1. Ooooh yes to all these things 😉 especially the massage; I am a lop-sided knotted mess due to non-stop toddler rides… lol x

  2. One relaxation tip which works for me is to close my eyes and try to imagine that I can see just one red blood cell moving around my body, very slowly. It helps me slow my breathing rate, then I fall asleep !

  3. Ohhh deffo gonna give some of these a go especially the eye tip. I suffer from dry eyes and they get really sore.

  4. People think I'm mental for saying this…but I hate relaxing…I like to always be doing something and find relaxing things like massages to be really frustrating, anything but relaxing for me.

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