Creative Uses for your Favourite Photos

If you absolutely love photos of your family, friends and pets and always have a camera in your hand, you most likely end up with lots of great pictures and struggle to find things to do with them.

Instead of abandoning them into photo albums that just seem to gather dust in a drawer somewhere or filling your mantelpiece to the brim with an array of frames, why not think of different uses for your favourite snaps?

We’ve come up with a few suggestions to get you thinking and to show you a glimpse of what is possible, as there are so many varied ways now to showcase your pictures the possibilities are endless.

Picture mugs

Everyone loves a good cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and there’s nothing better than settling down to one after a long hard day with your favourite mug. But if your favourite has seen better days, why not get a photo mug as your replacement? A personalised cup is sure to brighten up any break, and they also make the perfect fail-safe presents for others, too.

Photo upload phone cases

If you prefer to snap your pictures with your phone, a photo phone case is a great idea to showcase your previous work! They’re also a great way to protect your pride and joy too, especially as iPhones will be so expensive to replace. Most sites and stores will offer the choice of lots of different cases for different phones too, if you don’t have an iPhone.

Photo calendars

This is the perfect opportunity to display 12 of your favourite pictures as you can upload a different one for each month of the year. They’re really easy to get hold of as well, and you can get them on most gift sites, such as this one. And yes, even though it’s February already, if you hurry, you won’t miss too much!

Picture fridge magnets

This is an especially great option if you have recently decorated and are a bit reluctant to put holes in your walls for your photo frames. You could use the fridge door to get creative and make a mosaic collage of all of your lovely pictures, or to use to stick your little one’s art work masterpieces to the fridge with!

Photo coasters

The perfect accompaniment for your photo mug is a photo coaster to avoid those pesky water rings on your favourite furniture. These also make great gifts too and would be a great gift for a whole family as you could get each member their own unique photo coaster with a picture of them on it.

Photo jewellery

Some sites and stores now even give you the chance to put your favourite, beautiful photos onto pieces of jewellery which is a great, modern take on the traditional locket. This is a really lovely present too for grandmothers and mums in particular as it combines their passions – beautiful jewellery and their beautiful little ones!

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