Wookey Hole Review and Competition

have always wanted to visit Wookey Hole to walk through the caves so I was so
pleased to have the opportunity to take the boys on an underground

was quite exciting, as you walked in the dimly lit passages and learnt more
about the history of the place. It was
mysterious, a little scary, but nonetheless an experience to be
remembered! My youngest asked in a little worried voice “do the
resident bats suck your blood?”, but he soon came
round and enjoyed himself.

There was a lady on crutches and I was quite impressed seeing her manoeuvre round the paths and steps. Some parts are slippery but everyone in our party seemed to manage as we slowly made our way through.

It was interesting seeing the cave aged cheese. I must admit I was not brave enough to try some, it
looked very grey maturing away but its lovely seeing traditions like that being

Eldest enjoyed having a try at paper making. There are certainly lots of new things to learn at Wookey Hole.

thought the caves would be the overall highlight of Wookey Hole but I was surprised
my boys actually enjoyed the circus best of all. But I can understand why it really was quite something to watch,
the cast even the youngest of the girls were all very talented! We were amazed by an array of skills in
juggling, unicycling and ropes and silks. 
There was plenty of humour included too, the boys were giggling away
when the monkey found a handbag with some red knickers and a bra!

I can highly recommend the circus if you have children with you, a trip to Wookey Hole would not be complete without it. I am so glad we stayed to watch one of the showings, hubbie had been trying to get us to leave slightly earlier as we had a long car journey home, but I put my foot down! I think even he was secretly pleased in the end as he thought the magic was spectacular. We had no clue how they pulled off some of it!

The boys liked the Wookey Witch she was very friendly and not spooky at all with the children!

Hole is a good all weather attraction as the circus, caves and soft play area’s
are all based indoors. You can still make the most of the pleasant seated area in the sunshine with a giant gorilla overlooking you
enjoying a picnic! The boys also enjoyed
being converted into mini cave people too.

have kindly been offered two adult and two children tickets to giveaway to one
lucky winner if you would like to enter then please complete the rafflecopter
below by the 12th of March.

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20 thoughts on “Wookey Hole Review and Competition

  1. We love Wookey Hole. We go at least once or twice a year, although Amy was a little scared of the dark in the caves last time. She did love the dinosaurs and softplay though and we had great fun on the mini golf course x

  2. i went to wookeyhole as a child i would love to take my children there. fab blog and a fab comp thankyou for giving us the chance to win x EMMA COLLINS

  3. We went years ago when our oldest was still a baby. Now with with two who are 6 and 8 I reckon they would love it!!

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