Making Chocolate Easter Eggs

The boys were thrilled when this mini project arrived from choconchoc thanks to Stay in Devon. They do like getting involved in the kitchen especially if there is any excuse to taste test the ingredients as they go! I had to rein them in as the chocolate buttons were getting munched on before we even had a chance to melt them…

The set is quite cute as it comes with a little pop up chef’s hat, the chocolate, moulds and a bag of sweets.

The instructions are easy to follow the hardest part is resisting the molten chocolate before you pour it into the mould and being patient enough to wait the 10 minutes between layers for them to set!

We were a little naughty with that and probably should have waited longer than we did; the boys were in a rush to see how they turned out and to get on with the eating of course.

The end result might not be shop worthy but the boys were very impressed. The chocolate actually tasted really nice, I reviewed it once years ago and did not like the animal shaped ones but the chocolate buttons have completely changed my opinion of choconchoc! You can buy the sets for £12.99 reduced from £15 at the moment. In the end we had ample chocolate buttons to melt, so we all enjoyed what was left over in the bowl as a treat whilst we waited (a little more patiently) for the chilling in the fridge stage to finish.

The boys did their best sticking on the sweets but we did not quite achieve the egg head look! But surely it’s the taking part that counts and the activity helped us pass a good thirty minutes together if not more. Time they would have been glued to the computer game otherwise.

Thank you to Stay in Devon for the opportunity. It was a lovely gesture and perfect timing for the build up to Easter.

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