Trentham Monkey Forest Walk

Sunday we had the pleasure of reviewing Monkey Forest Park (Staffordshire), it is such a
magical experience walking amongst the freely roaming Barbary macaques in a
beautiful woodland area. It really is
the perfect way to spend time as a family, getting lots of fresh air and
enjoying seeing the antics of two mixed groups of Barbary macaques.

weather was a bit dicey at first, hailstones and torrential rain but the
monkeys did not seem bothered in the least, they just carried on as normal, playing,
grooming and eating happily. Thankfully
the weather picked up for the comfort of the humans on the walk and to stop my
youngest grumbling that his feet were cold!

had a restorative drink and snack in the café and returned to the walk a second
time with fairer weather and a spring in our step. I do recommend the cream scone; the homemade scones were massive
and filled me up for hours!

is a very educational attraction; it is surprising how much children will learn
as they walk around. There is an
interesting quiz you can complete and hand in at the end for the chance of
wining a prize. Each information board
was viewed with excitement because they hoped it would reveal another clue for
the quiz!

the day there are various feeding slots where you can watch as the monkeys
scramble to get close to the bucket full of food being distributed by one of
the Monkey Forest Walk friendly staff and hear more about the lives of the Barbary

were a couple of play areas one suited for children up to six and another for
older children. My boys were content to
spend quite a bit of time here on the slide, obstacle course and sea-saws.

think this attraction offers excellent value for money for a unique experience
your children will really remember and treasure. As a family of two adults and two children it would have cost us
£26 and as there is no restriction to how long you can walk around the paths
you could stay all day just watching the monkeys. They are certainly fascinating to watch, seeing the bigger ones
telling the little ones off if they get too close to their food or step out of
line and watching the youngsters running around wrestling and jumping from

Not only that your assisting with conservation as the long term aim of the Monkey Forest is re-introduction into the wild, which gives you a nice feeling inside knowing your entrance fee has helped in some small way!

would love to come back again one day! Keep an eye on their facebook page for exclusive competitions they run for complimentary tickets.

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