My Alton Towers Visit and #Sunfession Competition to win £250

spent Saturday in Alton Towers courtesy of The Sun. We had a fabulous day out; the park had plenty to offer our
children (aged 5 and 6). This was their
first visit and they are already planning their return.

were fortunate that the weather held (aside from a couple of little showers)
and the queues were short. Youngest was
very brave and surprisingly enjoyed Hex and The Haunted House best of all! I think he was braver than me as I was
tempted to close my eyes a couple of times…

Both boys enjoyed the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
ride, having watched the film and read the book to them, it was only natural
they would be keen to see what the ride involved! I would have liked to have seen more of the boat part, it seemed
cut short quite quickly but thankfully the elevator part that follows is quite
good fun!

Ice Age 4D Experience had the usual snow and bubbles effects, but hubbie and I
nearly jumped out of our skin when we were whipped at the back of our legs for
some of the scenes! It made it that
much more realistic and you were literally on the edge of your seat.

The Sharkbait Reef by SEALIFE is well worth a visit, its not huge by any means but its very interesting and the staff are informed and entertaining to listen too. Plus where else would you go to have your hands cleaned by shrimps (its very tickly!).

park days are a wonderful way to spend quality time together as a family but
can work out to be fairly expensive. 
Fortunately this is where The Sun can come to the rescue, I for one am
always eager to find a bargain! At the
moment if you sign up to Sun+ you can get free tickets to Alton Towers, you can
see all the details on the website,
but suffice to say for a minimal investment of £1 (month 1) and then £8.67
(month 2) you can get two adult tickets worth £96 (cost if you buy on the
day). On top of that you can also
benefit from other money saving deals whilst you remain a member, if you like heading to attractions as much as we do then any saving is most welcome. You can of course also collect the tokens from the newspaper itself.

Sun also have a #Sunfession social campaign where you can air the most
hilariously awful thing you have told your children for the chance to win £250
to spend at Alton Towers. I mean we all
do it sometimes just to get them to stop doing something! I had to make up an elaborate tale about a
boy who picked his nose so much it dropped off! The air hostesses on our flight to Portugal looked quite horrified
but I could not bear watching youngest dig for “treasure” anymore… at the end
of the day if I have to gross them out a little to mould them into polite
little gentlemen its worth a try, otherwise I might have two pirates on my hands! Actually this pair I found in Alton Towers were quite lovely! I am going to head to twitter now and add my own confession! Just make sure you add the hashtag to be included.

To further support the #Sunfession campaign, I also have £250 to give away to my lovely followers to spend at Alton Towers. All you need to do is log in to Twitter or your Instagram account and retell a hilarious awful thing you have done to your kids. Don’t forget to include #Sunfession AND #MissingSleep. Hit tweet or post and then visit the Sun site to see your #Sunfession appear

I will randomly pick a winner from all the entries on my blog that have also completed the rafflecopter below as it will be easier to pick a winner then, you have until the 4th of April to get your tweet done so get thinking about what you have put your poor kids through and share it with everyone.

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17 thoughts on “My Alton Towers Visit and #Sunfession Competition to win £250

  1. I blamed my young son for the 'funny' smell in a shop once…i was guilty! Until he decided to protest his innocence very loudly and blame anyone who was looking at him – very funny but embarrassing!

  2. One very muddy and wet day i took my girls out, my youngest was tired and grouchy. We took a short cut across the field, big mistake! My eldest daughters ran across jumping in muddy stodge and having a field day, i was holding my youngest 's hand and helping her through the mud, she was crying, it started really raining, by the time we got to the path we were covered in mud, my youngest decided she wasn't going to budge. I asked her what was the matter? She turned round to where we had just walked and pointed. She said "my boot" and there sticking out of the mud was her welly. She just looked at me and we all burst out laughing. I dont know if its one of those situations where you had to be there but it was so funny.

  3. I told them that blackjack sweets were made of melted tyres and flies… they gave the rest of their bag to me!! Tweeted @01zesty01
    Also.. Great prize!! I looovvve alton towers and we have dreamed of staying overnight there!

  4. I have tweeted too @meme_makes

    #sunfession #missingsleep packed my sons bag and told him the naughty home were coming for him! A van pulled up the street, i felt so bad!

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