High Waisted Jeans: Why They Flatter Your Figure the Best

The number of jean styles can be mind boggling – skinny, boyfriend, bootcut, along with all the different rises. The skinny has been the jean du jour for many a model, but not everyone feels that they can pull off the look. However, the high-waisted jean is making a comeback – think Marilyn Monroe larking about on the beach, and Farrah Fawcett looking the epitomy of cool in 1970’s series Charlie’s Angels.

Second hand or new, an iconic pair of Levi’s should be part of any fashionista’s wardrobe. Due to the fact the brand has endured through the decades, every style and shape of denim has appeared at some point, meaning you’ll pick up a pair to match your style no problem. When looking for the perfect pair, affordable jeans of all shapes and sizes can be picked up on ebay.co.uk and offer good value for money considering their in-store prices on the high street.

Why do high waisted jeans look so good?

High-waisted jeans are flattering for a number of reasons. Whereas low-rise jeans tend to cut right across the hips – the widest part of the body, high-waisted jeans emphasise the smallest part of your body – the waist.

The eye is, therefore, drawn to this area and makes you appear smaller. A figure-hugging pair of high-waisted jeans is great for an hourglass figure, as they will emphasise those curves. For anyone who is more top-heavy, a flared or bootcut leg on a high-waisted jean will balance out the figure, giving the illusion of an hourglass look.

A celebrity endorsement by Emma Roberts of American Horror Story appeared recently in the Daily Mail, and serves to illustrate just how flattering this jeans style can be.

Flatter your figure

Another bonus for those with shorter legs is that the high waist makes your legs appear longer, giving the illusion of height. Team a pair of flared leg, high-waisted jeans with heels or wedges and the leg lengthening effect increases further.

Crop tops are very on trend at the moment, but if you don’t want to flash the flesh, you may have shied away from them. A pair of high waisted jeans can open up the possibilities, allowing you to wear cropped t-shirts and blouses while only showing the smallest amount of skin.

Speaking of the tummy area, it’s often the source of self-consciousness for a lot of women. High-waisted jeans can hide a multitude of sins, holding you in and hiding any muffin top. They could almost be described as a denim version of Spanx!

Vintage style

With the right high-waisted jean you can create a retro silhouette anywhere from the ’50s to the ’90s, and the Brag Vintage blog offers a brief history of their rise in popularity. A skinny or straight leg will take you back to the ’50s – think Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly.

Team them with a Breton top or a shirt for a perfect weekend look. Go for a flared leg to channel the Italian high waisted glamour of Sophia Loren; a flattering look for all ages. Now that 1990s trends are coming back, the baggy high waisted “Mom” jean is, too.

Don’t be put off by the name though – this style can be extremely comfortable and look great rolled up at the ankles with a crop top and heels.

With so many looks possible with a simple pair of jeans, it’s no wonder the high-waisted style is making a comeback. Universally flattering, there is a high-waisted jean out there for everyone.

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