The Garden Centre Group Easter Bunny Tea

Easter bunny tea

We were invited to have either breakfast or tea with the Easter Bunny.  I am so pleased we took up this opportunity to have the Easter Bunny tea.  It was an absolutely delightful experience from start to finish. A memory for my boys to cherish always.  Especially with eldest being a huge bunny fan!

We choose to have the special tea at the Telford (Wyevale) store and it was wonderful! Us adults were well catered for with a serving of afternoon tea.  This comprised of sandwiches, a cream scone, a very tasty chocolate slice and plenty of tea to drink. I was full to the brim and thought it was excellent value for £7.99 each adult.

This was all for me and presented in an appealing way!

The children had a generous portion of fish, chips and peas and squash to drink, before excitedly calling out for the Easter bunny to arrive.

Once he hopped along to our table the boys were presented with exceptionally sweet goodie bags.  Which included a cute soft toy, some mini eggs to eat and some bird feed to share with their feathered friends when they arrive home!

Trying to do Easter bunny ears with their new found bunny friend!

The children then had the opportunity to get involved in making Easter cornflake nests.  They particularly enjoyed this activity, all under the careful tutorage of Elizabeth a store manager who was fabulous with the children.  She was funny and entertaining, making them giggle! All the while the bunny was on hand for further cuddles, pictures and high fives! He even did a spot of juggling.

The children cost £9.95 each so given the quality of the experience and the thought put into making it extra special for children I cannot fault it! I think it offers incredible value. The food alone seemed worth the money once you factor in the goodie bag and the enjoyment of the event itself it made me very grateful I have found out about The Garden Centre Group.  The event had so much to offer my boys! I would gladly come back as a paying customer for future events.

The Garden Centre Group does still have some selected dates available at a few stores.  Have a look quickly if there is any availability near you to try it out before they finish on the 24th (the dates vary at different stores).

Easter Bunny Tea and Soft play too!

They also had a soft play facility on site at the Telford store for £1.50 each child.  This is another good source of distraction if you want some more time to finish your cream scone in peace!

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