4 Ideas For An Inexpensive Fun Family Night

Spending time with your family is a great way to bond and create memories together; and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These great ideas for family get-togethers are fun and won’t break the bank.

1. Family dinner

Getting the whole family round for dinner sounds like it might be lot of hard work and expense, but you can make it easy if you plan things well. Ask everyone to bring a course or a dish. This way the cost and workload are shared and you have a great meal for the whole family. Specify what each person should bring or else you could end up with all desserts – and drawing names from a hat will help stop possible disputes about who does what.

To make it more fun, you could also have a secret ballot, rating each dish out of 10. The winner could be awarded a small prize and the loser could be given a wooden spoon.

2. Family video night

For an evening of fun and nostalgia, why not dig some old home movies and old snapshots out (you can also hook these up to display on your television). Those old clothes and hairstyles are bound to raise a laugh, and as the older family members reminisce, the children will get the chance to hear a bit about their family history.

If you prepare some snacks beforehand and have some drinks handy, you have the makings of a great family night in!

3. Off to the cinema

Practically everyone enjoys a trip to the cinema and there are some great films doing the rounds, from animation to sci-fi to moving dramas. Settle down in front of the big screen with popcorn and drinks for an evening of great entertainment. Best of all, if you go to your local Vue cinema, you’ll be able to put your Nectar points towards the cost of tickets, VIP seating, as well as popcorn and other refreshments. Every 500 points you spend is worth £2.50 at Vue – which could be quite a saving!

4. Camping indoors

This is something that kids of all ages enjoy. When it’s too cold and miserable to go camping outdoors, why not build a tent indoors? Create your tent with sheets or blankets draped over furniture, put a mattress on the floor, and you have the ideal indoor camp. Glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling will seem like real stars and add to the atmosphere or just get a pop up version like us.

You can tell creepy stories by torchlight as you nibble on snacks and goodies (or fill it with cars!). Why not provide marshmallows and melted chocolate to dip them in? The kids will love the whole experience!

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