Tips for Travelling with Little Ones in Tow

If you’re planning a holiday for the whole family, whether it’s abroad or in the UK, you’re no doubt already dreading the millions of ‘are we there yet?!’s. After all, kids won’t be as ‘understanding’ as we are when it comes to traffic jams etc, and will just want to be out having fun, not stuck on a train/plane/car!

Therefore being prepared for your journey as well as the actual trip can be a great idea to keep them (and yourselves) happy. We’ve put together a few tips for things you can do to keep them entertained en route.

Encourage them to start a travel journal

Starting a travel journal can be a great way for your little ones to remember their family holidays, as well as helping them to practise their writing without them even realising they’re doing so! You could give each child their own little notebook and pens/pencils and encourage them to document each aspect of the holiday, from the journey to the arrival and so on. You could take things like tape with you so they can stick things in to help them remember things further.

Be armed with games for them to play

It may sound like a bit of a hassle, but going armed with a host of things to keep them occupied will be really beneficial when the boredom starts to kick in! They don’t even have to be complicated or elaborate games; kids love the simplest ones like eye-spy and counting and memory games which can be educational, too. You could even take little prizes with you to dish out at particularly slow parts of the journey, too.

Take activity packs and entertainment devices

You could even take a whole bumper pack of activities for them to do along the way. There are loads of sites dedicated to kid’s activity packs that include everything from books to puzzles and drawings. You could even put your own ones together if you have lots of ideas and things lying around the house that you can use, too. If they prefer, don’t be afraid to give them a DVD to watch if you have a tablet device too as this is always bound to be a winning option. Just make sure they can compromise on a film choice!

Give them a check list of things to look out for

If you’re heading abroad, you could give them a list of things to look out for that they’d usually not see very often, such as foreign road signs etc. They can then tick off the things they see as they go along which is bound to keep them entertained for hours. If you’re going away in the UK, this can also be really fun as you can pick out things that you wouldn’t usually see in your hometown which can be great for teaching the kids more about Britain. Sites like have holidays in great UK locations full of great places to explore to take the check list further, too.

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