Making S’Mores with Flamers

I was sent a fabulous
package (it included chocolate what’s not to love!) to get us in the mood to
make S’Mores. Having been a camp
counsellor in America back in the day I had already enjoyed the S’More
experience myself but was very keen for the boys to try them too. It is a lovely family activity toasting
marshmallows and then tucking them into a biscuit/cracker full of
chocolate. They are very moreish and I
could not help going back for seconds.

We bought a chimenea especially
for the occasion and I was worried it might be tricky to get the fire started,
especially with the boys watching on eagerly wanting to quickly get to the part
they could eat! As it happened it was
very simple with the addition of one of the Flamers firelighters, which you put
on fire to get it burning straight away.

I had visions we would be rubbing sticks together frantically but it was thanks to the firelighter that we soon had a hearty fire perfect for all our
marshmallow toasting needs.

Hubbie was asking did we
have any spare paper, he was not confident initially that the fire would take
so quickly, but we were pleasantly surprised how successful these firelighters
were. I was also glad they are very natural
(twists of wood wool and melted wax); it would be a shame to ruin a wholesome
family activity with smelly paraffin to get things underway when you can enjoy
odourless firelighters instead.

The Flamers mini packs (of
3) retail at 79p so are very affordable, if we decide to continue our S’More habit
in earnest at least the reliable firelighters won’t break the bank. I have seen a few accessories we can also
get for our chimenea so we might have to try our hand popping corn, frying
breakfast or cooking chestnuts! So I
will have to get a few more packs of Flamers in for my ambitious outdoor dining

You can order Flamers from the Certainly Wood website, along with any wood you

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