Great Gifts for a Golf Mad Dad

If your Dad is golf mad then it’s a great source of gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc. However, if golf isn’t your thing then you might be a little unsure of exactly what to buy him. Here are some great ideas you can get your Dad if he enjoys being spoiled… (golf might be a bigger thing here soon as my eldest is hoping to start golf lessons in the new term!)

A new golf club

Unless it’s a very special occasion and you don’t mind splashing out then you probably won’t buy him a new full set of clubs. However, you could get him a new club, either to replace one of his current ones or to add to his golf bag. A new putter is a nice club to choose as it doesn’t necessarily need to be part of a set, whilst a lob wedge is a handy club that doesn’t usually come with a standard set of clubs. American Golf is a safe bet for getting some decent deals on clubs, as well as for pretty much everything else!

Golfing accessories

You might think that golf is nothing more than hitting a little white ball with a long metal stick but there’s actually much more to it than that and there are all sorts of accessories you can buy to help the round go a little smoother. You could buy him a new golf glove to improve grip on the club, a towel to clean his clubs mid-round, a golfing umbrella in case it rains, some head covers to protect his clubs, a ball retriever for picking the ball out of water, and much more. You’d be surprised at how many golfing accessories you can buy.

Personalised gifts

If you want something that’s truly unique then try something personalised. A great way of doing this is to take a photo of your Dad playing golf and then use the photo to create a unique gift. You could simply put the photo in a frame or get a canvas printed, or you could do something a little different, such as these next day delivery phone cases from My Photo Gifts. You can guarantee he won’t have another present like it.

Golf clothing

Some golfers like to just play in jeans and a t-shirt, whilst others prefer to look the part when they tee off. If you’re part of a club then you’ll likely have to wear golfing attire as the club will have certain standard to maintain. Polo shirts are a fairly safe bet when it comes to golf clothing, whilst a waterproof/windproof top is also a good investment. Some new golf shoes will also be a very welcome present.

Tickets to a golfing event

Whilst the British Open may have come and gone for this year, there are still plenty of golfing events happening around the country throughout the year. Tickets to a golfing event is a real treat and one that will definitely appreciated. If you want to think about tickets for the 2015 British Open then keep an eye on their site for details on when tickets are available.

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