Getting your child ready for the new school year

Getting kids to go to school can be difficult at the best of times, let alone after they’ve just been off for the summer holidays. Here is your guide for getting children prepared for the new school year as smoothly as possible.

Brush up on skills

One of the reason that going back to school can be unpopular with children is because they might be intimidated by all the tasks they’ve got waiting for them when they get back to the classroom. They may be frightened that they are behind in certain skills, such as reading or writing, so reading tutors or extra writing classes can be very beneficial for them and can make the task of getting them back to school much easier. As well as courses you can introduce you children to online learning resources and play games with them that could enhance their academic skills, such as scrabble.

Make sure you’ve got everything

It can be very distracting for a child if they have not got all the equipment they need at school and it is something that could disrupt their learning. As a parent you need to make sure that you’ve stocked up on things like books, uniforms and stationary.

All this shopping can be very costly so to save a bit of money there are a few tactics you can employ. If you’ve got more than one child going to the same school, you can reuse the elder child’s old school uniforms. Hand me downs are not normally welcomed with any great grace with the child on the receiving end but they will soon forget they are wearing used clothes!

You can also help to save money by shopping around for the best deals and being savvy about when you make your purchases. The best time to buy school stuff for kids is after the new school term has already started, when shops are looking to off load their out of date stock. If you’re well prepared enough then you can take advantage of this and save yourself a lot of money by buying in advance and saving the things until the end of the next summer holidays.

Treats and challenges

At first thought, there is not too much to get children particularly excited about the idea of going back to school, so you need to give them a reason to be a little more positive. You can give you child a little treat with certain items such as new school shoes. Obviously they have to fit in with the guidelines of the school but allow your child to make the choice on which pair they want.

Buying stationery items offer another opportunity to let your child make their own choices – who doesn’t remember the excitement of buying a new pencil case at the start of each new school year?

Having a treat like this can make them far comfortable with the thought of returning to school. You could also come up with a reward scheme with your child for prizes they can receive for tasks completed in the classroom. They might then start to see school as a fun challenge rather than a compulsory drudge.

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