Cleaning 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maintaining a Dust Free Office Space

Coffee-rings on desks. Cake from last week’s morning tea on the lunchroom table. That pile of paper that just builds next to the printer. The thin layer of dust that just seems to settle on every surface. Does this sound like your office?

Having a clean and dust free office space has many benefits to you and your peers. So how do you get and maintain a dust free office? Read on to discover the easy steps below that will help you get started!

Start Clean

Look at your office. Study it. Is everything where it should be? What can you throw away straight away? Is everything in its right place? Do you need a quick office reorganisation? Before you can think about having a dust free office, you need an office space conducive to cleanliness. Have a whip around the office and do a ‘macro’ clean up. By doing this, you’ll be able to get a good idea of any problem areas, identify space-saving opportunities and start with a fresh slate for cleaning.

Don’t be Scared to get Help

So you’ve done your spring clean, now what? You’re an office worker, not a cleaner! Don’t be scared to call in cleaning experts, such as AMC Perth

to give you a hand with the ‘micro’ cleaning. There’s places that everyone hates cleaning and tasks we all like to avoid, such as under the desks, in the tea-room, and doing the dusting and vacuuming. You’ll find an expert does the job twice as good in half the time – freeing your time for your work.

But on top of the little jobs, there are windows to clean, washrooms to keep hygienic and the annual deep clean! It can feel overwhelming at times, so hiring a specialised office cleaning company can keep your workspace looking professional and ready to welcome clients.

Keep Everything in its Place

To keep a dust-free office space, you’ll need to ensure everything has its place. That spot next to the printer with piles of empty paper box? Get a recycling bin! That desk that’s become a dumping ground for everything? Find a place for the stuff (or better still, throw it out!). When things have a place, they stay in their place.

Plan for Cleanliness

Don’t be scared to have an office cleaning roster. Once everything is in its right place, set yourself a calendar appointment for regular cleans. Schedule periodic blitzes to get rid of those bigger items that seem to gather dust (like old printer-paper boxes) and a yearly spring clean. Through small, regular cleans, you’ll be amazed at how simple your spring clean will be! The most important part is to actually stick to your new cleaning roster!

Keeping a dust free office needn’t be an arduous task. You needn’t work in a dusty, smelly office. An initial clean-up, some ongoing help from professionals and a plan for ongoing cleanliness will ensure you’ll be working in a fresh, dust free office for many years to come!

Do you have any other steps or tips to add? What do you think works best? Share your thoughts by commenting in the section below.

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