My Thorpe Park Visit and #Sunfession Competition to win £250

We were delighted to be invited to review again for The Sun and this time we set off to Thorpe Park.  It was one of the few theme parks we had yet to visit.  But I was not really sure what to expect, as it’s well known for its white-knuckle rides. However I had heard of Angry Birds Land opening too and given the boys love the Angry Birds characters I thought they would at the very least be entertained in that section of the park.

As it was we had a full day with plenty to do for my two boys aged 5 and 7.  We had the luxury of short queue times as well because most people were there for the scary big rides.  The ones I can never imagine having the courage to face anymore!!! I kept a wide berth from them.

I was very impressed with the Angry Birds 4D Experience.  Of all the movie theatre’s in theme parks we have been too this was the show that captured my boys attention the most! It was quite an occurrence with gusts of air, water, bubbles and smoke.  All of which added to the overall excitement and the compelling story.  Also here you could find the King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems this was lots of fun for the boys.  Although youngest grumbled when daddy kept pursuing our car and bashing it!

Unfortunately Detonator: Bombs Away was closed for maintenance but even so I would love to see this area developed further it is a fabulous theme of course. There are only a couple of rides there.  A few more would have been nice to see or possibly a handful of characters walking around for photo opportunities. Although you can make the most of the statues to the same effect!

The boys liked X a roller coaster in the dark with lots of music playing away in the background and light effects. They enjoyed it so much we queued straight again for another turn. As it was a junior roller coaster I was quite happy to go again.  Even hubbie the reluctant rider seemed cheerful enough on there! Plus the walk to the ride is like a mini disco!

Quantum was another “family” ride, but it went quite fast.  Even so we had about three goes until my tummy felt a bit wobbly and it was time to stop! This was not quite the sedate magic carpet ride I was expecting.  I think hubbie was pleased he was on bag duty at this point, but the boys and I appreciated it regardless. That’s as thrilling as we want Thorpe Park to get.

Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride was another highlight.  Like a pirate ship but not too high, although there was one lady on there screaming loudly.  The boys did not know quite what to make of her!!! I dread to think what her reaction would have been to the likes of The Swarm or Stealth.

We also had Flying Fish, Rumba Rapids, Rocky Express, Storm in a Teacup and the Carousel to delight us. The carousel was lovely lots of different characters to choose from freshly painted and colourful.  Naturally that meant we had to go on it about three or four times in a row to do it justice!

Boys still enjoying it me losing the will to go around and around again! haha.

Thorpe Park turned out to be a pleasant surprise for us all.  I felt the entrance price was justified given how many rides we managed to get on.

Finally we stumbled upon Neptune’s Beach which was a wonderful spot if you have decent weather.  A chance to rest your weary legs on the sand whilst watching your children splash in the large paddling pool or enjoying the fountains.  The boys appreciated cooling off for a while.  But the hardest part was getting them to leave when it was time to go home.  Especially when they realised there was a water chute section at one end of the paddling pool!

With the summer holiday upon us there has never been a better time to get involved in the #Sunfession campaign.  You can head to The Sun website and get more information of how you can take part.  Whilst hopefully bagging yourself some tickets for Thorpe Park in the process. We all have those funny moments as parents when we say all kinds to our children to hopefully get them to behave or act differently! Today’s nugget for me was saying you must remember to flush the toilet as spiders like the smell of wee and will keep living in our bathroom otherwise.  So now is the time to share your parental confessions.

You can also head over to the section of the website to see how to get hold of attraction tickets by signing up to Sun+, its a great deal and saves a fortunate on visiting your favourite places.

Win £250 to spend at Thorpe Park

I also have a lovely competition below for a chance to win £250 to spend in Thorpe Park; all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter by the 17th of August (so I can randomly pick one of you as a winner). There is one entry requirement just to tweet your #Sunfession, do not forget to include in your tweet #Sunfession and #MissingSleep hashtags for your entry to be included in the draw.

This competition has now closed.

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  1. What a great prize. I used to live near Thorpe park and I miss it so much. So a days outing with the children would be great fun. XXX

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