Our #LEGOmovieparty was Awesome!

The boys were so happy to be asked to host a #LEGOmovieparty
for Come Round. Any excuse to get a
small group of their LEGO mad friends together to do some themed colouring in,
dance to the LEGO Movie Soundtrack and admire the Emmet Construct O’Mech set in
all its glory!

In preparation for the party we had made some LEGO crayons,
inspired by a lovely crafting blogger over at Trials &
Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy. We
already had the mould from one of our many visits to LEGOLAND, so we just found
broken crayons stuffed them into the mould shapes and popped it into the oven
for five minutes. Once out we let them
cool for up to an hour and then carefully removed them from the mould. I will confess on our first attempt we did
have a fair few figures minus heads! 
But we managed to do better on our second attempt thankfully…

It was funny seeing the house taken over with little
LEGO people. I love this picture, the
masks went down well with everyone.

My youngest wanted to put on a tie especially so he could judge the colouring competition. He took his responsibilities seriously and enjoyed picking a winner! I think he was trying his best to be the good cop side of his mask, as he was behaving very well.

Even us adults had to get into character although notice how most of the mummies were being bad cops! As the summer holidays draws to an end it probably suited us best…

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