Saving Money During Pregnancy

Having a child is an expensive business, especially when it’s your first one, and you can get easily carried away with buying things for them that you don’t necessarily need. Parenthood is a learning curve, and by the time you decide to have your second child, you’ll have more inside knowledge that will prevent you from spending your hard-earned cash on things that aren’t necessarily essential. In this picture my youngest was 1 and I later found out I was already pregnant with our second, so money was quite tight for us.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can save money throughout your pregnancy so that you’re not faced with financial strain before the baby arrives. Nappies and formula milk alone can cost a fortune (if you choose to formula feed and use disposable nappies, that is), so every pound that you can save counts.

Maternity Wear

Only buy the bare minimum of what you’ll need when it comes to maternity wear. Rather than spending a fortune on maternity clothes that you won’t be able to wear in 9 months’ time, choose clothes that can double up and be used after the birth as well, such as tops with an empire line, waterfall cardigans and elasticated waist clothing.

When buying maternity clothing, stick to the staple items and opt for more affordable lines, such as George maternity wear, rather than the expensive designer alternatives. There’s no point spending a fortune, when you don’t need to.

Ask Around

When you start to buy things for your new baby, ask around. You don’t have to buy the most expensive pushchair on the market; not when second hand ones are perfectly fine, and often in superb condition. Similarly, if you have friends or family members that have recently been pregnant and still have all of their things, you could ask to borrow or buy from them rather than buying things new. This counts for everything from maternity clothing to baby clothes and beyond – you’ll save a fortune.


It’s something that won’t need to be decided for definite when you’re pregnant, but it’s definitely something for you to consider. Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, but if you do like the idea of it, it’ll save you an enormous amount of money over the coming months, because formula milk certainly isn’t cheap!

Buy a Cotbed

Rather than spending on a cot, and then buying a toddler bed when the time comes, buy one that converts so that it will last longer.

Shop Wisely

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re pregnant. The baby industry is huge, with everything from clothes and booties to bedding and nursery décor ready to jump into your shopping trolley in an instant. Shop around, and use the sales wherever possible. Online sales can be brilliant for baby things, as can NCT sales if there are any scheduled in your area.

Importantly, you should also stay happy and healthy. OK, so this won’t necessarily save money, but it will save your sanity if you think about you as well as the baby during (and after) the pregnancy! A baby is like a whirlwind and, if you’re not careful, you’ll forget that you’re a person away from the child, as well as a parent to them. Giving yourself some you time during your pregnancy can be the very best investment you’ll make.

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