The Pet Show 2014 Review

went along on Sunday and it fitted in well as part of our #XVAdventure with
Subaru, meeting lots of exotic and interesting animals and watching the boys
bravely handling ones with too many legs for my liking!

Pet Show 2014 was a wonderful day
out, I would recommend arriving early, as it’s a full day of activities and
excitement. In the morning it was very
busy, but we still managed to get round lots of stalls anyway, you can leave
with a surprising number of complimentary little extras, which is a welcome

will be thrilled with all the sweets being dished out, alongside balloons and
stickers. We especially liked the pick
your own birdseed stall kindly put on by Honeyfield’s, so now we have two bags
of lovely bird food to impress our feathered friends and this cost us nothing
at all. Additionally there were some
exclusive Pet Show competitions if you like trying your luck at these things.

I would say its worth bringing some money because there are activities that
have a charge that your children may pester you to take advantage of, bouncy
castles, micro pig grooming and a sweet stall to name a few. But if you’re skilful and steer past them
you can have a remarkable day out for just the cost of your entrance ticket,
they even had free horse rides there!

was a unique and wonderful experience; my boys handled lots of lovely animals
(tiny chicks, baby tortoises, creepy looking stick insects!) and enjoyed being
impressed in a world of pets.

It was
very educational with plenty of information to pick up but it was all presented
in a highly appealing way. As my boys
learnt they also had incredible fun.

My youngest was very pleased as he even had the chance to run around a horse obstacle course something he was talking about only the other day!

On top of all the stalls and activities you also had the shows to watch. My eldest son actually volunteered to help in the duck herding, so he had the enviably job of releasing the ducks then closing them in again! He enjoyed his responsibility and being part of the show!

If your looking for somewhere to take your children in Warwickshire, make sure you keep an eye out on the Pet Show website next year. I certainly hope to go again.

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