Sleep is important for your child

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There are may aspects that are important to ensure your child has a good nights sleep.

One of the most important things for good sleep and the good feeling that surrounds it is having a structured routine.

Things such as a warm bubble bath, followed by a happy bedtime story may encourage your child to relax before falling asleep.

Another aspect that is important for a good night sleep is making sure your child has a calming environment to go to sleep in.

For example, toys away, no television in the bedroom and blackout blinds may be appropriate. Painting the room green may also have a calming effect on your child and the likes of Bedstar can help you decorate the room in such a way that the green feels extremely natural. If you child is young they may want a nightlight to help them dose off.

Prior to going to bed it is important to not let your child eat too late as well as keeping sugary drinks to a low level or cut it out altogether.

Sugary drinks will give your child an instant glucose burst in energy, which will prevent them from settling down for the night and in turn you will be frustrated with the buzzing child in front of you.

Other factors that will play an important role in your child’s sleep is to ‘allow them to go to sleep’ ie by keeping televisions low in order to create a quiet ambience in the house.

If your child comes to your bed for comfort in the night it is important to wake up and carry them back next door.

This is not tough love this is important to make sure this is not a recurrent theme as allowing your child to stay with you once could mean sharing a bed for the next few years out of habit. This is detrimental to how a child is expected to grow up into a teenager and then adult.

If your child is continuing to have a bad night sleep, if the child is old enough they can perhaps discuss what the issue is. These issues must be discussed in a quiet confidential way to ensure the child is not embarrassed etc.

As your child gets older, it may be appropriate to say no mobile phones and tablets when going to bed these should be left downstairs prior to going to sleep.

All in all, by following the routines and practices set out here you can be sure your child is getting the maximum opportunity for great sleep.

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