Subaru #XVAdventure Our Experiences So Far

want a car like us, we do not just stick to the paths, we climb, we jump, we
explore. My boys run freely, thriving
on adventure and excitement. They are
loud, boisterous and loveable, they need to get out there and burn off some

Once you have experienced the XV
you suddenly see the possibilities. 
Subaru have opened our eyes further we want a car that matches our life.

A journey is more than reaching a
destination; it can be fun in its own right, with a car that can meet the
challenges of different terrains you suddenly realise how much entertainment
you can have travelling.

We want a car capable of exploring that can take us
anywhere, through streams, over bumpy muddy fields; nothing should stop our
quest for adventure! We love roaming in
outdoor space, finding puddles to splash in, creatures to meet and blackberries
to eat.

We get itchy feet if we stay indoors too long and the Subaru feels the same sitting forlornly on the driveway, its heart is filled with a yearning for the open road.

boys have been sword fighting with sticks, battling through overgrown ferns,
balancing along wooden logs and exploring in little nooks and crannies. They have enjoyed toasted marshmallows and
their first experience camping at Hatton
Adventure World (with Adventure in the title it had to be no other

For them life holds so much
wonderment, everything is an adventure, they have inquisitive minds and want to
learn, to investigate and discover. 
Thankfully we have found the car that compliments that lifestyle.

having had a taste for off-roading with the Subaru Team last Friday, has also
had something ignited in him, now when driving he looks longingly at the
fields, the hills and the rough terrain, wondering where he could drive to
next. The road itself does not offer
enough for the power and capabilities of the XV, suddenly like the boys he
wants more.

8 thoughts on “Subaru #XVAdventure Our Experiences So Far

  1. Wow that looks like a great car for any eventuality. We're looking to trade in now we have the dog and need something big enough and versatile enough to cope with wet dog and muddy conditions. Think the Subaru might be it!! X

  2. saw this bad boy out side my local food store i had a good look,spacious and plenty leg room enjoy your advetures.

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