Nestle Cereals Junk Box Modelling

was sent a selection of Nestle Cereals to get inspired to make something with
the boys. I asked them what they
thought we should do and they said build a robot, so that’s what we did. Eldest went off to play chess with his daddy
so I had some wonderful quality time alone with my youngest.

went searching around the cupboards for any craft materials he could find; he
enjoys emptying drawers and cupboards out on to the floor!!! But in doing so he found an interesting
selection of items to go alongside our Nestle Cereals cardboard boxes. He even wanted to use fresh little black plastic
doggie poo bags to cover the robots feet… but I wasn’t one to suppress his ideas and let him get on with it!!!

parents we often have bits of half used craft supplies everywhere so this is
one way to put them to good use and help your child feel proud they have
created something themselves.

and surely our new robot friend was formed, cereal boxes are a great basis for
the main frame of the robot and then we added toilet rolls to help with his
arms and legs. My youngest decided to
call his creation Cerei after his life starting out of a cereal box, but the
end result is quite transformed.

think I will be hanging onto my Nestle Cereal boxes from now on, as it was a
lovely activity to complete together. 
My youngest had a chance to be creative and use his imagination. His new friend can supposedly fly and shoot
lasers out of his eyes!

do not think we will be at a loss when it rains again we can build more robots
to join Cerei and then they can have lots of robot adventures together.

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