Our Favourite Canal: Hatton Locks

This was the first time the boys had visited a canal and
they were both intrigued, especially watching the water changing depth to allow
the boats to pass on to the next stretch of the canal. It is definitely something worth seeing
although we were lucky we just had the opportunity to watch without being roped
in to help! It looked quite a workout
for the poor individuals involved. I
guess I might be a little biased picking Hatton Locks as the boys favourite
given it’s the only one they have been to so far…

Hatton Locks is an excellent place to learn more about the changing canal
heritage as it moves from industrial roots to a recreational activity. It’s full of wildlife and very green. We had a lovely long walk and saw swans and
cute ducklings in the water and all the people along the way seemed very
friendly and chatty.

enjoyed seeing all the canal boats, some of them were painted beautifully and
had pots of flowers on the roof. I
think we were all slightly tempted to have our own seeing a few of the canal
boats with for sale signs in the window, but I know that the boys would soon
get fidgety in such a confined space…

was a fabulous little café that served us all a great cooked breakfast, which
you might need after all the fresh air and walking. The cakes went down quite well too!

We had lots of rain but we did not let it dampen our spirits, it
was exciting watching the boats navigate a fascinating stretch of the canal. I am sure if it had not been for the
dreadful weather the place would have been crammed with visitors. Fortunately the canal pathways offered some
protection with trees so we were all only partially soaked through!

think look insurance should consider adding our canal choice to their list of
the top
five canals in Britain, although I do have to agree with them about
Llangollen. It looks lovely there from
what I have seen driving through the town anyway!!! Perhaps we should try visiting the four other canal locations
then we can know for sure if Hatton Locks would compete with them.

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