Baby Shower Gift Guide

Last Saturday I part hosted a Baby Shower for a wonderful
friend of mine. I was allocated gift
duty and I went off in search of the most interesting and exciting baby gifts
on the market. Baby Showers seem to be
growing in popularity and it’s a special way to celebrate how much your friend
means to you! At the late stages of
pregnancy they might be feeling a little deflated eager to meet their pending
arrival and tender from the aches and pains as they get closer to the
birth. A Baby Shower can really raise
spirits, help build up the excitement and anticipation ready for the big day.

are important, especially for a first time parent who might be a little unsure
about what they might need or what could come in useful in those tentative
first days as a new parent. These
products help make bath time, bedtime and feeding considerably easier.


time can be tricky when you have a new baby, they seem so very fragile when
they are newborn, very delicate to handle and keep safe. So I thought this baby bath from Shnuggle
was an excellent idea, it is made from baby safe foam so is much more
comfortable and kinder for the babies sensitive skin.

had one of the hard plastic baths for my boys but would have felt much happier
using a bath like this instead, the textured foam helps stop slipping so you
feel more confident washing your child. 
The foam also cleverly keeps the water warmer for longer too, so not
only is it attractive it is very practical.

used this gift to hold some of the smaller lighter presents so it really did
make everything look that much more appealing. 
For £30 I think it’s a fabulous addition to a baby shower, great for
presenting other gifts (the pastel colours are lovely) and for being such a
useful gift for any new mum.

Messy me

I love this range of oil cloth products ideal for wiping down clean after messy time with your child. Whether its meal time or nappy changing time Messy me have a suitable line of products to assist you in the chaos. From their stylish collection I was sent a clutch bag (£18.50) which comes complete with a mini changing mat, so handy when your out and about and want a clean and hygienic place to change your child.

It takes up no room at all and I think the fabric choices are wonderful, with the gloss finish they are fairly resistant to stains so should last well and its nice to have attractive looking baby products. I think every parent should have a Messy Mat under the highchair too, we used to have all kinds of food land on the carpet and it was a nightmare to clean up after meal time (at the zoo it felt like at times!). A Messy Mat would have made my life easier and the clean up operation afterwards much more manageable.

Gro Baby

my two were tiny I always worried about sleep time. I was not keen on blankets as I panicked they would cover their
faces in the night and lead to them having difficulty breathing. I quickly became a huge fan of baby sleeping
bags. The Gro Company have some of the
cutest designs I have ever seen, they sent a Kissing
Bunnies sleeping bag (Grobag) and it’s simply gorgeous. If anything was making me feel broody it was
the sight of that bright pattern. They
cost from £32.99 depending on the size ordered but it’s a worthwhile investment
for reassurance whilst your child sleeps.

also sent a Gro-hush
baby device; this is completely new technology for me. I never had anything like it when my two
scamps were growing up. How I wish it
had existed back then, the concept is fantastic. This device uses white noise at a safe level only the baby can
hear to settle them. I would have
gladly paid £34.99 for the chance of a more relaxed first few months. Seeing your child distressed and crying can
soon upset you but using this nifty little device you can quickly have a
contented happy child again. I think
there will be less frazzled new mums out there thanks to Gro Baby and helpful
support from Gro-hush.

final item was an Up and Away
Gro-Swaddle (£12.50) young babies feel protected wrapped up tightly it
reminds them of the safety of the womb. 
This technique can help calm your child and encourage them to drift off
to sleep. Babies like feeling supported
from all sides and it means they are relaxed. 
It’s a big change adapting to life outside the womb, so Gro Baby have
helped make that transition that much smoother for everyone.

the dream sheep

with the theme of sleep another ideal product to encourage sleep is ewan
the dream sheep (£29.99). This
adorable little fellow not only glows a soothing pink glow to mimic life in the
womb it also emits different white noises to settle your child. The sounds play for twenty minutes so long
enough to relax even the most unsettled baby. 
I know lots of parents used to start hovering to encourage their newborn
to nod off, but I would rather leave the housework put on the kettle and let
ewan do the hard work!

+ womb, heartbeat + vacuum cleaner, heartbeat + harp music, heartbeat +
rain sounds your child will be reminded of being in the womb. The heartbeat and womb sounds are also real
recordings, so you are giving your child a genuine experience not a computer
generated one. Your baby will soon become attached to ewan and then it will have
a friend for life to soothe it through the night if it becomes afraid of the
dark and need extra reassurance. My
eldest at seven tried to claim ewan as his when it arrived for the baby shower,
so you see it must have long lasting appeal.

is great for use on the move, he has a velcro tail so he can be conveniently
secured to a pushchair. I know my
friends baby will sleep more contentedly with ewan by their side.

Jelly Cat

These are the softest and sweetest cuddly toys you could ever meet. My boys have accumulated quite a collection of them over the last few years. They have a whole range of baby items too, I was sent a gorgeous bunny soother (£15.00) they feel wonderful to touch so would suit a newborn.

Jelly Cat quality is exceptional. The soft toys my boys have are still so incredibly soft to touch years later. The choice is extensive, soothers come in a wide choice of animals. Soothers encourage children to self settle, my son had something similar as a child and he would always rub the bunny ears or blanket over his face to go back to sleep on his own.


Another clever baby product that I so could have done with myself a few years back. There is nothing more frustrating than finally getting a baby to sleep then waking it when you have to move it from the car seat or the pram to the house. Thankfully if you own a Snugglebundl (£34.99) that is a thing of the past, its a lifting wrap for babies so you can move them carefully somewhere else without disturbing them.

It is the first product of its kind and makes life for us parents considerably easier. When the baby sleeps you get a chance to catch up or relax a little, you do not want them to wake up straight away and start crying all over again! From newborn to six months that’s a lot of extra peace and quiet if you bought a Snugglebundl. It’s also a beautiful wrap, the funky spots are very eye catching and it keeps the baby nice and cosy in your arms or can even function to provide a little privacy whilst breastfeeding.


It’s not always possible to get your child to sleep in their nursery you might need to head out to complete your chores, run errands/pick up shopping. Once they are settled in their pushchair you hope the movement might relax and send them to sleep but if its a bright sunny day the light might be bothering them and keeping them awake. You need a product to block out the sunshine and encourage sleep. Thankfully SnoozeShade have developed the perfect sun and sleep shade, so hopefully no more irritable overtired babies but instead settled babies in the land of nod!

It’s not only the benefit of blocking out light but the damaging rays from the sun, so this product works on so many levels. For £19.99 its a new mum essential, we are all concerned about the safety of our children so its a relatively small price to pay for that level of protection (99% of UV rays blocked!). The SnoozeShade Original fits all pushchairs, prams and buggies so its no wonder its the best selling sunshade in Britain.


squares are always useful to have to hand, they can help mop up baby sick (how
many times have I gone out wearing a splash of it across my shoulders!). You need plenty for winding baby; one on
your shoulder and you can hopefully leave the house cleaner than I ever
did! Baroo
have some cute designs, the pink stars is a best seller on Amazon so obviously
other people are realising the benefits of having muslin squares.

pack of six costs £7.99 so you can stock up relatively inexpensively, then you
can catch all the baby dribbles whether bottle or breast feeding and being
bigger than a bib means you can catch more mess. I have heard of mum’s tucking them into their bra’s to help
combat leaking breasts, so very versatile all round!


skibz kindly sent a bib for the shower, I love the shape of their bibs. You can never have enough ways to catch dribble…

They have some amazing designs, they sent a neutral one but there are some eye catching bibs they have lots of different patterns and colours. I swear bibs weren’t this exciting when my eldest was born. You can go vintage, have vehicles, be bright and bold whatever you fancy really! The choice is limitless and each one is super absorbent and wash well even at 60 degrees.


Theraline sent a rather fabulous baby feeding pillow (£23.95), I love the design its very bright and cheery. When breastfeeding its important to get into a good feeding position so that both you and the baby are comfortable. I never quite managed to get the knack of it, but then I never had a feeding pillow. With hindsight I think I would have benefited with one to support the baby.

As the baby grows a baby feeding pillow also doubles to help support them as they play, helping them learn to sit up and reach things more easily.

breast vest

Owning a breast vest gives you the privacy you want when your out and about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be tricky to get the hang of you do not need the extra hassle of having your tummy hanging out! I know after the birth of both my boys my tummy was a sore point until it went back into some kind of shape! My friend is hoping to breastfeed successfully so any products that can help her feel more confident and comfortable in doing so is great in my opinion. Having been created and developed by breastfeeding mums I feel reassured this is an item that will make things that much easier. I like the idea you can use any of your normal tops, you just have the vest underneath to cover your tummy but you still have ease of access to the breasts for feeding.

You can feel stylish and content in your normal tops and not feel you need to spend lots on a whole new wardrobe just to facilitate breastfeeding. Purchasing a few breast vests at £15 each is more affordable instead.


The Totseat at £18.50 is a useful portable way to secure your child safely into a chair when your out and about. For that price you can have one at a grandparents for them to use and it takes up no space at all unlike a highchair. It can be easily washed clean, so not a germ magnet like some feeding seats!

It squashes down into a small pouch you can add to your handbag and conveniently take anywhere. It has been rigorously safety tested to ensure your baby (from eight months up) has somewhere to enjoy lunch when you do! Eating out with your child can be more pleasant if your not worrying there will not be enough high chairs at your chosen venue. Even then if there is a highchair there is no guarantee that they will be clean enough, so bringing your own seat makes a lot of sense.

1st Years

site has so many gorgeous items for your new arrival. I was kindly sent two items for my baby shower
gift bundle from My 1st Years. The baby wall plaque is
great value at £15, it helps complete the nursery and the sayings are exceptionally sweet. Lots of phrases that you will find yourself saying when you become a mum! Love you to the moon and back being one of my favourites.

I was also sent the first imprint set (£15) babies grow up so fast you really do want to hang onto every memory of how they used to be, tiny little hands and feet soon become bigger and bigger and you want to remember how tiny they once were.

Presentation is important for baby showers, everything is beautifully presented and just so. I think its fabulous that My 1st Years provide a complimentary luxury gift box with your order. It saves having to think of how to wrap it up!


cannot forget a treat for the mum to be nestled in the baby shower gifts. Biscuiteers
have an amazing range of biscuits and some are just ideal for baby showers. These really are biscuits with a difference,
they are packaged beautifully, look amazing and taste delicious. If you know your friend has a sweet tooth
what better way to spoil them than a delivery from Biscuiteers.

I was sent the Baby Girl Biscuit Tin (£38.50) one of the many Biscuiteers gifts for new mums and my friend made a beeline for these biscuits straight away.

My friend loved the design of the sweet pink ducks. I am sorely tempted to put a couple of orders in for Christmas. My boys would be over the moon seeing the Marvel and Jungle inspired biscuits especially. Plus with quite a few handmade biscuits in each box I might be lucky enough to have one (or two!) for myself. The biscuits delivered well as each one was a complete and perfect duck! I cannot think of a better gift than tasty biscuits when your a new mum and running on empty, sleepless nights and long days winding, nappy changing and handling colic can drain you, sugar is what this doctor ordered.

Love Boo

These products smell divine, I think I might have to start using them even though I am not expecting! Love Boo packaging is so pretty and looks very indulgent it seems a real shame not to enjoy some pampering. The Marvellous Mummy Kit (currently £24.99) comes with all the skincare treats you could possibly need to nourish and soften your skin. It’s a fab way to try them out in smaller size before buying bigger pots (you will be converted!). The Soft and Creamy Body Smoother (£14.99) soaks in beautifully, leaving skin smooth and not greasy at all.

The gorgeous scent is a real pick up when your adapting to being a parent. It’s important as a parent to find time for yourself and following a skincare regime is one way to carve out a little me time! Plus when your pregnant its vital to take time to care for your own skin, it can stop stretchmarks and cellulite developing. I was fortunate I never had as much as one stretch mark but I always made sure I moisturized my tummy! With products these luxurious everyone will be wanting to sample them.

Blooming Baby Showers

We were also sent a selection of items to decorate the room for my friend, plates for us to enjoy the cake and a rather clever baby shower game pack from Blooming Baby Showers. The game pack particularly had a favourable reaction from all the guests. It’s always good to have some sort of entertainment at a Baby Shower when the gifts have been analysed and the cakes dissected. The pack costs £14.99 which is a good price as it includes a fair few game ideas. The mummy to be enjoyed figuring out who was who from our old baby pictures.

The bunting covered quite a considerable area and seemed reasonable for £6.98 a pack. The finishing touches really complete a shower. It helped everyone get into the spirit of things and turn it into the celebration it should be.

Good luck planning your baby showers and hope this gift guide helps you with the present buying duties.

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