How a dehumidifier can add to your family’s well-being

If you’ve just been out at work, or to complete the weekly shop, perhaps for a night out, what’s your initial reaction when you return home? Does the air feel slightly humid or a bit stuffy and unwelcoming? If you have been absent for a longer period of time, perhaps taking a holiday or trip, is the effect much more noticeable when you first enter, either your home as a whole, or a particular room? Would the effect be even more unpleasant if you had guests with you?

If your answer is “yes”, either on a regular basis or even simply from time to time, then your home, and family, are likely to find great benefits are gained from the use of a dehumidifier. As well as controlling the level of humidity and helping dispel any musty or even slightly unpleasant smells, such a device also offers powerful benefits in terms of the health of everyone who lives in your home.

Four key gains from using a dehumidifier

Reduces mould growth

Especially if any member of your family suffers from key allergies, the growth of mould in areas of your home can be dangerous. It grows and quickly thrives in any damper or darker areas, such as those you might find in basements or attics, and in damper corners behind dish washers, washing machines, fridges or freezers. Mould spores are released into the atmosphere, and this can soon result in irritation in people’s nasal cavities, as well as to their skin.

Reduces air pollutants

The use of a dehumidifier eliminates the moisture that mould needs to thrive and it also helps deal with other troublesome air pollutants. These are particularly hazardous where younger members of the family suffer from asthma, and for those with other discomforting respiratory ailments or conditions.

Reduces dust mites

The third area where important benefits are found is in the reduction of the damp air that encourages dust mites to grow. These can be a major source of allergic reactions and other irritations.

Improves comfort

Finally, families who have installed dehumidifiers quickly report that their home is simply a better, more welcoming and increasingly comfortable environment in which to live the major part of their daily lives. A removal of annoying odours, and a decrease in that uncomfortable stuffy feeling that no-one enjoys, is a welcome result. In fact, in such an atmosphere, people tend to perspire more, making the air even damper, and simply increasing the level of discomfort! Having the humidity quickly extracted from the air you breathe is a simple and effective solution that swiftly leads to that more pleasant home environment.

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