DIY Bedroom Styling Tips

We’ve all read the statistics about sleep and know how important it is to our health. If you are looking around your cluttered bedroom thinking it might be posing a problem to your sleeping patterns, you are right. Check out these DIY styling tips and get busy making over the bedroom.

Get Yourself a New Bedroom Package

The best thing about buying a whole suite of new furniture is half the work is done for you. All of your furniture matches. Your new furniture can also form the base from which you style the rest of the room. A timber suite looks fantastic with either brighter colours or rich, autumn tones. There are a range of metal styles and colours, so there is sure to be something that matches your ideas. Check out an online store such as Super Amart to get an idea of furniture styles. This will help you match the rest of the products.

Replace Your Old Pillows with Some Comfy New Ones

Pillows make or break your nights’ sleep. This is a good enough reason to throw away those brick-like old pillows and replace them with a new set. The other reason for changing your pillows is the gunk that can build up in the fibres over time. No more needs to be said on that issue.

Reclining on your bed and taking just two minutes to switch off helps you wind down at the end of the day. It’s even better if you can rest your head on a bunch of soft, comfy pillows. Incorporate some pretty new pillowcases into your DIY styling project and boom! It’s like a whole new room.

Pick out Some Stunning New Manchester

Your bedding is one area you can afford to splurge. Splash out on some high thread count sheets and a big fluffy quilt. Remember how nice it feels to flop onto a soft, cushy bed? You soon will, thanks to your new purchases. Your manchester can be as colourful or as plain as you like, but try to keep the focus on one piece in the room. Throwing bright coloured quilts in with vibrant walls and curtains can have an energising, almost over-stimulating effect on the brain. Definitely something you want to avoid when you are trying to sleep.

Add Some Functionality

Like it or not, the bedroom is often a dressing room as well. Make it a functional dressing space by adding a mirror and some good lighting. If you can easily let in natural lighting, this should be your preference, but some downlights or lamps can be perfectly effective. When it comes to your mirror, no house is complete without a full length mirror. Even if you have mirrored wardrobe doors, a full length mirror in the corner of the room will reflect light. And you will want to see your DIY handiwork.

Freshen up Your Flooring

If you have the space, a rug can make a big difference to the feel of your bedroom. It doesn’t have to be hand-woven or expensive. A soft rug underfoot can make the whole room feel a million times more opulent.

We all want our bedroom to feel like a sanctuary or at least a comfortable place to lay your head. What styling tips do you have for making over your bedroom? Where do you get your inspiration from?

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