How To Make A Flower Paste Mistletoe Cake Topper

Now that we’re in the final stretch before Christmas, it’s
time to flex your sugar crafting skills and add that final flourish to your
Christmas cake. What better way to do it than by creating a flower paste
mistletoe topper.

This project looks a little tougher than it is, so roll your
sleeves up and you’ll have your very own beautiful mistletoe cake topper in no

Making Your Flower Paste Mistletoe

When making toppers like mistletoe it helps to do everything
in stages, so tackle the berries first and then make the leaves.

For the berries you’ll need the following:

  • White flower paste
  • White wire (3-4″ lengths)
  • White/silver lustre dust

Creating the berries couldn’t be easier.

  1. Dust your work surface with some icing sugar and then
    knead your flower paste until it’s pliable.
  2. Pinch off small amounts of the paste and roll them into
    small pea-sized balls. Make sure they are smooth and even.
  3. Insert a length of wire into each ball, and push out a
    tiny amount through the top.
  4. Dust the berries lightly with lustre dust and then set
    them to one side to dry fully. It can help to insert the wire into a piece of
    foam or sponge.

The flower paste mistletoe leaves will take a little more
effort, but even these are surprisingly simple if you gather the right tools to
help get the right look. You’ll need the following.

  • Green flower paste
  • White flower paste
  • A groove board
  • Ball tool
  • Mistletoe leaf cutters
  • Green wire (3-4″ lengths)

The first phase is to get the right colour green for your
mistletoe leaves. You can do this by mixing green and white flower paste
together. You may want to make a few different shades to give your mistletoe a
natural appearance.

1. Dust
your work surface with icing sugar and then knead your white and green flower
paste until pliable.

2. Break
off two pieces and knead them together to get the shade of green you want.

3. Roll
your flower paste onto the groove board. You want the paste to be about 2mm
deep, or a little thinner. Make sure the groove becomes visible in the paste.

4. Take
your flower paste off the groove board and transfer to your work surface. Then
press out the leaves with your mistletoe cutter, keeping a groove firmly in the
middle of each leaf.

5. Insert
the wire into your fondant icing leaf. Pinch the paste around the base of the
wire to secure.

6. Use
your ball tool to gently ruffle and thin the edges of your flower paste. For
the best effect keep the ball half on the paste and half off.

7. Set
the leaves aside to dry.

Once the berries and leaves have set hard (you will probably
need to leave the overnight to make sure they are rigid). Once they have set
tie the berries together with some tape and then bind the leaves around them,
arranging them in a bouquet-style pattern.

Remember, flower paste mistletoe can look beautiful on a Christmas cake,
but it’s not for eating! Have a very merry Christmas.

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