Ironbridge Gorge Museums Family Pass Competition

I have already raved about our visit
to Blists
just one of the ten award winning Ironbridge
Gorge Museums so I thought it would be lovely to team up with them again to
offer a family pass competition. The
pass is valid for one year and will enable you to visit each museum on one
occasion for two adults and up to three children.

We love days out as a family and
over the last few years have visited more than our fair share of attractions,
but Blists Hill Victorian Town holds some of our fondest memories. The place captured my boys attention, they
enjoyed immersing themselves into life over 100 years ago. It’s educational but also highly enjoyable,
very interactive with plenty to appeal to all the family. My two would love to go back to see all the
sights and to revisit the traditional sweet shop of course!

The attractions are very convenient
if you’re holidaying in Shropshire or worth a longer journey as they really do
offer excellent value for money for everything you can see and do. We have sadly not managed to make it to all
the museums but we have been able to visit Enginuity. This is an ideal rainy day attraction with
plenty of valuable lessons on the way round. 
It’s great for children of all ages, as the little ones especially will
enjoy having blocks to play with, levers to pull and a water display to

You can find out more information
about the Ironbridge Museums on
their website. I would like to return
to Telford so my boys could try exploring the Tar Tunnel, this looks quite the
adventure having to wear a hard hat and see all the tar still oozing through
the walls.

If you would like to enter the
competition please kindly fill out the form below by the 6th of

Ironbridge Gorge Museums Family Pass

98 thoughts on “Ironbridge Gorge Museums Family Pass Competition

  1. We had our main holiday there the year before last and absolutely loved it , I loved the Tile Musem, my daughter the Enginuity, we never managed to see all the museums and would love to win this to go back.

  2. i think my grandchildren woul love to see blist hill ,so they can see the past in real life ,as it seems the young are beginning to forget ,

  3. Went on a school trip, was meant to visit a smelter and then blists hill, the bus broke down on the way and we could only go to blists hill. So much to see an do at Blists Hill would love to go there again.

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