Weetabix #Weetabuddies Campaign

boys were thrilled to be part of this exciting new campaign with Weetabix. Weetabix have created the ‘Weetabuddies’
– a range of characters to make breakfast a little bit more fun! You can meet
all the characters on their website. The
campaign is all about encouraging families to get creative at breakfast whilst
having a healthy start to the day.

boys jumped at the chance to develop their own ‘Weetabuddies’. They enjoy Weetabix of a morning anyway but
experimenting with different fruits was a great way to encourage them to eat
more healthily.

They also felt a real
sense of pride when they saw their completed Weetabuddies. Here
are our official Missing Sleep Weetabuddies, my boys love animals so naturally that was the focus of their buddies.

have Dinobix – because even with a dinosaur sized appetite a portion of
weetabix and fruit will fill you up quite nicely and keep you going all morning. I love his dainty raspberry feet supporting his big body!

Then there was Pinchy – most people can feel quite crabby first thing until a decent breakfast improves their mood! This is one particularly happy crab, just be careful he does not steal your weetabix!

Finally we have Mr Clucky – a cockerel is always keen to start the day with lots of crowing and fanfare with a good breakfast we can all be as happy as he is first thing.

It really is easy to quickly transform a Weetabix into pretty much anything.

We enjoyed seeing the range of creations on the website, a huge mix of animals and people. It’s lovely seeing the outcome of children’s vivid imaginations. It can also be a clever way to introduce your children to new fruits if its part of a dinosaurs spike or a crabs pincher.

You can create your own Weetabuddies with your kids and upload them on the website: for the chance to win prizes everyday (and fame for your Weetabuddy!). Your children will enjoy expressing themselves artistically and fruit can be so colourful and enticing when it becomes the materials to make a fun new Weetabuddy. You could even try adding honey; yoghurt or chocolate spread, so many different possibilities, a wonderful activity and of course at the end of it all a nourishing breakfast!

Seeing as its Valentines next month I thought I would share this Weetabix video! The silent type bit made me giggle.

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