Saving Money on Children’s Clothing

am lucky I have two boys as generally I can pass the clothes from my first onto
the second and save myself a small fortune in the process. It would have been considerably harder with
a boy and a girl, although I am sure some items of clothing you can recycle all
the same especially if you keep to neutral colours. The only thing is the boys are gradually catching up with each
other even with a 21-month-old gap, so my system is not working as well as it
used too! My youngest is the tallest
boy in his class.

It can be an expensive business buying the children
clothes and I have a tight household budget and clothing only has a very small
mention. If you can it helps to see
what you can get from family and friends, with children having a sudden growth
spurt its surprising how much wear can still be left in clothes. I was always happy to accept clothing from
my cousin and it definitely brought down the cost of dressing my two. You definitely need quite an extensive wardrobe
with children as they can have a fair few outfit changes a day, not to be
fashionable but just to stay clean! 
Mine usually fall into a muddy puddle or decide to get paint all over

never buy designer but try and follow fashions on the high street. It’s amazing how stylish children can look
on a budget. If I do decide its time
for an update to their wardrobes, I always search online for sales and discount
codes, I consider myself quite savvy like that I hate wasting money when I do
not need too. As the boys get older
brands will be more important to them and I know they will want to dress the
same as their friends. Fortunately you
can use websites like Heaven of Brands and they can keep up with their peers. I remember when I was a child I desperately wanted proper branded
trainers and my mum was having none of it! 
Heaven of Brands has plenty of cool clothing and trainers that your
child will be more than happy to be seen in and they are as cheap as
chips! These Reeboks are remarkably only £9.77!

I am only too happy to have a rummage in a charity shop; I am not too proud to
have a good look! Often you find items
with new labels on, donated and never even worn, so if you check in regularly
you can pick yourself up some good bargains. 
Although having seen some of the deals online it might be cheaper for me
to keep shopping like that instead!

I have read some crazy stories online of mum’s going without food to keep their children dressed in designer clothes, you can read the article here! I think that is complete madness I love my grub far too much to do sacrifice it! How do you afford to keep your children dressed well? I would love to hear any more tips.

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  1. I look on the local Facebook selling sites, I always manage to buy big bulk bundles of clothing (which hardly look worn) next, marks and spencer, joules etc for next to nothing! I also sell on their clothes on these sites once I'm finished with them, its brilliant 🙂

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