Top Tips For Designing A Play Room

A play room is a great idea for both you and the kids. For the kids, it can be very much ‘their’ space, with minimal interference from the adults (depending on their ages of course). For you, it is a very good way of containing the kids’ toys and ‘stuff’ and stop them spilling out into the living room. If you’re planning to set aside some space in your home as a kids’ play area, you may find the suggestions below helpful.

Plenty of Storage

The key to planning any good play room is to ensure there is a lot of storage. Toys, colouring and craft materials, all those itty bitty little bits of games and puzzles and LEGO. have to go somewhere so it’s worth giving some thought to this when you’re designing your own play space for your kids. Remember to select storage systems that are easy for you and your kids to use; slow-closing lids and safe rolling drawers are a good idea. Low down storage tubs your kids can easily get things into and out of are also preferable to high shelves your children may not be able to reach or any furniture that could topple over dangerously. If your looking for more inspiration there are some brilliant ideas on the safestore blog, the mat method to clear up LEGO is genius!!!

Soft Furnishings

Another key thing to remember is that kids will be kids. No matter how many times the ‘no running in the house’ rule gets reinforced, your children are bound to get a little rough or have an accident. When it comes to the play room, avoid potential spills and hard falls by installing a durable carpet in a dark colour. Specialists such as Stainmaster (click here to see their website) have models that are resistant to stains, so be sure to see what’s available on the market or do as we did and have laminate flooring.

Wall Art

Instead of going to the mess and expense of wallpaper or wallpaint, consider cheaper decals, or get the kids to help you create a mural. You could even make a fun family project out of it. Walls are quite easy to update as your children grow, so there really isn’t any point in spending a fortune on teddy bear wallpaper they will outgrow in two or three years, we went for a Batman design.

wallsauce #wallmural #batman looks amazing and is massive x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 19, 2015 at 12:22pm PST

Chill Out Space

It’s a good idea to ensure there is a quiet space for kids to curl up with a book or their favourite toy in any play area; perhaps consider putting together a little book nook. A little couch or somewhere soft to relax might work here. Consider a sofa that folds out into a bed for overnight guests – then your play room can double as a spare room when you have visitors.

Setting up a play area for your kids is a good idea. It’s great for your sanity, as well as theirs. The important things to consider are durability, and storage. It’s also a good idea to look into how you might want to use the space in the future, and avoid spending too much on decorating the walls.

What do you consider important when designing a play room? Let others know you’re your thoughts in the comments box below.

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