Folly Farm Review

On arrival I did have a moment of mild panic as I thought
we would have to cross the road from the car park to get to Folly Farm, but
they have a purpose built underpass so we made if over safely. They really do consider everything to make
sure their guests have an amazing time.

think Folly Farm offers great value for such a vast attraction, combining
elements of a farm, zoo and funfair/adventure park. It’s so much more than a farm hubbie was pleasantly surprised to
see how much it actually offered, as his expectations were quite different. There was a wonderful mix of animals at the zoo and the enclosures looked clean and well maintained.

is plenty of space to spread out if it gets busy and lots to do in all weathers
with the big indoor play area, vintage funfair and farm barn to shelter if it
rains or provide shade if it gets too hot.

was very impressed with the educational nature of Folly Farm. My children learnt so much from their
visit. Folly Interactive was very
engaging, great for young inquisitive minds. 
My boys thoroughly enjoyed this section especially figuring out which
poo belonged to which animal (they had little test tubes with REAL examples!!!)
and identifying smells (banana, vanilla, coffee, chocolate and pineapple).

You also learn a lot as you walk around reading the informative notice boards, apparently a disposable nappy takes 450 years to break down and an aluminium can 200 years.

lot of thought has been put into the development of the site, down to the
smallest of details like the fun games to play in the barn area.

There are adequate hand washing facilities
always a plus when coming into contact with animals. My boys enjoyed meeting a rat and a ferret in the Jolly Barn but
during the day there are others animals to be introduced too. I made a point of not returning in time for
the cockroach!

staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. 
It made us feel very welcome. 
The land train ride was fairly informative and it was lovely seeing all
the deer and I was impressed with all the outside space for the boys to burn
off energy, climbing up various wooden frames (dragon, castle, ship, sunken
ship) and using their imagination coming up with different story lines.

Go-Karts are well worth the 4 tokens cost (each token being 50p)

@follyfarmwales amazing day out #bluestonebloggers x

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But if you
are on a restricted budget you can just focus your child’s attention on the
included activities and skirt around any involving additional charges. Although the boys quite enjoyed the side
stalls in the Vintage Funfair and winning lots of little prizes, we may have
got a little carried away…

If you are staying in Pembrokeshire a trip to Folly Farm is a must!

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