A Goodbye Post

This is a goodbye to a dear friend a lovely dog that was a big part of our family, she was put to sleep a few weeks back and I wanted to
give her a post of her own, she is so fondly remembered. It feels like a little bit of me is missing, an empty space in my heart where she would be. She was such a great companion, good
with the boys and always happy to see you, a wag of the tail or a sneaky attempt to
lick your face in the way of greeting!!!

She was a rescue from the RSPCA at five months old and had a very active
full life until her heart condition got the better of her. But the vet said it was her time and so she
is off in the skies with all our other doggy friends, probably still chasing a
ball or begging for treats.

It’s been an emotional time, losing a beloved pet is actually very difficult to handle. I keep expecting to see her and my moods have been very up and down. She has left a legacy with Summer though by teaching her how to unwrap Christmas presents and sharing the knowledge of where my parents hide the best treats! Holly lived her young wild days with us but when she got older she enjoyed a quieter retirement with my parents.

We remember all the good times, the shared moments, but its all mixed with sadness, I am hoping the cloud lifts. It was her time and I would not have wanted her to be in pain and discomfort just to hold on to her for longer. Goodbye Holly we will always love you.

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