Personalising Your Hen Do: The How-To Guide

Q: What’s the most important part of your hen night?

No, it’s not L-plates, deely boppers, or even alcohol – it’s YOU! A bachelorette party is all about the bride-to-be, and as such, it’s nice to have a bash that’s unique to you. After all, who wants a hen do that’s just like everybody else’s?

If you’re organising a hen party – whether it’s for yourself or for a friend – here are a few top tips for making the whole thing feel a little more personalised:

Make Your Own…

Crafty hen activities are on the rise at the moment. Those ‘decorate your own pants’ classes are particularly popular, but if gluing sequins to knickers isn’t your bag, why not get together with the girls to make and decorate some cool party banners? It’s great fun, AND it’s a cost-effective way to decorate your hen party venue!

It’s Got Your Name on It

Personalised hen party sashes and t-shirts are hen party staples, but they’re also a great opportunity to get creative. Don’t just get a T-shirt with your name on the back – go for a nickname that only the girls know you by! And remember to add a cool, unique design to the front of the T-shirt, too!

The Joke’s On You!

If you’ve been researching entertainment packages for your pal’s hen do, you may have considered hiring a stand-up comic or a drag act to make everyone giggle on the big night. If you decide to go down this path, be sure to slip the performer a few fun facts about the bride-to-be ahead of time; this will allow them to tailor their act to the woman of the hour and make good use of your group’s little in-jokes.

What’s in the Bag?

One great way to make the hen night extra-special is to distribute party bags to each of the guests (yes, like you would at a child’s birthday party). Think carefully about what the hens would like to find in their bags – if you’re feeling ambitious, you could even make each bag specific to its recipient, filling it with treats that will appeal to them personally!

Fabulous Face Masks

Not the sort of face masks that you buy from Lush and wear with two piece of cucumber (although that’s a great hen party idea in its own right!) – we’re talking about cardboard face masks, the kind you wear to look like somebody else. There are loads of recognisable celebrity masks on the market, but why not go one step further and have one made in the bride’s likeness? She’s bound to be surprised when she arrives at the party and receives a warm welcome from a dozen people with her face…or, better yet, the face of her fiancé!

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Share Your Memories

Perhaps the most heartwarming way to keep things personal is to make time for a memory-sharing session at some point during the hen weekend; get each attendee to write down a cherished memory of the bride-to-be, and have everybody read them out to the woman herself on the big day. Tears are all but guaranteed! You could even make a game of it – give the bride each memory on a slip of paper, and challenge her to match the memories to the people who thought of them!

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