Party Packs Photo Booth Review

I was sent the Photo Booth pack
to review for a friend’s birthday meal. 
I was quite surprised how big the box was when it arrived with heaps of
hats and other accessories spilling out from the inside!

Youngest loved it, he tried on lots of bits
and bobs and it kept him occupied for an age. 
I practically had to sneak out the contents for our meal, as he was
adamant that all the items were his to play fancy dress! It goes to show how versatile the contents
are, perfect to keep children entertained or for adults to have a few giggles
over! The only problem I had was with
the black feather boa which sort of molted in the living room and I had
feathers scattered everywhere, but aside from that minor issue I LOVED everything
that was included!

My “bag of hats” as I renamed it
had quite a positive reaction, for £35.94 you can add another element to a
night out! The items are good
icebreakers if you’re in a mixed group hoping to find common ground and of
course they make fabulous photo opportunities.

The wooden clapperboard is a
welcome addition as you can pretend your starring in your own film! All adding some comic amusement to the
evening festivities, even the friends who had sounded reluctant about the bag
of tricks I would be bringing quickly warmed to the idea as its hard not to
love all the hats, wigs and inflatables.

Giant sunglasses, a disguise set
or two, a feather mask on a stick, pretty much whatever you could think you would need to add another dimension to a night out is included! You would be hard pressed to keep a straight
face for the evening sat opposite some of the lovely ladies in my group!

Having had so much fun with this set, I would be quite
happy to invest in a few extra’s pieces to keep building our Photo Booth
collection. I have noticed these
growing in popularity as people have them at weddings; giving people a chance to
be silly and have some fun photographs to go home with! So I think at this price if you have no
weddings on the horizon you can at least re-create this fabulous type of entertainment
on an affordable budget.

Party Packs pretty much have everything you could ever need to make a party rock!

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