Ideas to Celebrate Your Child Starting School

Where have the years gone? It felt like it was just yesterday that you cradled your son or daughter in your arms as they drank milk from a bottle and now it’s only a few weeks before they start school. It is certainly a day to celebrate as they begin their academic journey for the next 12 years or so. So what can we do to mark the special occasion?

Here are some ideas:

A photograph

Take a picture of them in their school uniform. Whether you take it yourself or get it done professionally at the likes of Venture studios, the picture will create a wonderful memory that you can look back on in years to come with your son and daughter and say to them ‘this was your first day of school’. You will be able to tell a story from the photograph as the photograph is likely to show if she/he was nervous or excited on their first day.

Make a celebration breakfast

Instead of giving your child a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast for breakfast, go to the extra effort to make the breakfast more special. Set the table up with bright cutlery and make something to eat different to what you usually do such as easy pancakes or waffles with delicious fresh fruit. It will start the day off on the right foot and get them excited for their first day of school.

Host a party

Invite your son or daughter’s friends around, whether that be from your street or from nursery school, and throw a little party celebrating them taking the next big step in their lives. You could get them drawing pictures, dancing to their favourite music and eating lots of party food. If the weather is nice, you could host the party in the garden and organise BBQ food to eat, that way they can run around in the garden which will tire them out and ensure they get a good night sleep ready for school on the Monday.

Give them a useful gift

Mark the first day of school by giving them a gift that they will find useful having at school. That may be a lunch box with their favourite Disney or TV character on the front, a colour booking with some colouring pencils etc. They’ll love opening the gift and will look forward to using them at school or when they come home from school.

A picnic in the park

After your child has had their first day at school, think about taking for them to have a picnic at the local park. You can learn all about their first day at school and for the first time ask them ‘so what did you learn at school today’? It’ll be the ideal finish to their first day at school and hopefully they’ll look forward to going to school the next day.

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