Tips for Moving House with a Removals Company

Moving house can be a complicated process, especially if you have a lot of bulky furniture. A removals company can make the move easier, taking most of the stress out of the day. If you do decide to use a professional company for your next move, here are some tips on making the process run as smoothly as possible.

Packing Restrictions

Check if your removals company has any restrictions before you begin packing. Some companies will only carry items packed in sturdy containers or boxes – bin bags have a nasty habit of ripping, and they don’t want to be responsible for damaging your belongings. If you can use them, stick to bedding and clothes – and don’t overfill them.

Ask Them to Wait

If you’re moving into a rental property, you should always take a full set of photographs of your new home. Ask your removals company to wait until you’ve finished taking them before bringing boxes and furniture in, as it’s much easier to do this in an empty property. Pay particular attention to damaged areas, and don’t forget to check the ceilings and floors.

Label your Boxes

It makes sense to label your boxes with the name of the room. However, if you’ve hired a removals company – or roped in friends and family – they probably won’t know which room is ‘Ben’s Room’ or the study. Make the process easier by labelling each box with a number, and sticking a sheet with the corresponding number onto the doors of your new home.

Save Time on Packing

Leaving your belongings in drawers is a good way to save time on packing. However, don’t leave them in the base unit, as a full chest of drawers is usually too heavy to lift, and your removals company will have to take them out on the morning of the move. To protect your possessions, lay a piece of cardboard across the top of each drawer, and then wrap the whole thing with cling film.

Protect your Drawers

If you’d prefer to empty the drawers and move the piece of furniture as a whole, tie the drawers shut to stop them falling out and getting damaged on the journey. Don’t use packing tape to do this, as it can be difficult to remove afterwards, and can even strip off paint and varnish.

Loading Order

Furniture and larger items will usually be loaded onto the truck first. Help your removal company out by leaving the smaller boxes towards the back of your possessions, and don’t stack them on top of larger items of furniture. Clear a path through the house to the front door, to make carrying boxes through much easier.

This article was written by Simon Markland, from baggage and shipping company VOOVit.

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