5 Ways to Know if You Are in the Right Job

job satisfaction is a very personal and unique thing, the five areas outlined
below will give you a very good indication of whether you’re in the right role
or not. How do you think your role will measure up?

1. You feel challenged, but in a good way

Being challenged is critical
for growth and development, both personally and professionally. If you’re not
being challenged at work, chances are you’re going to lose interest in what you
do. This is a major cause of job dissatisfaction and can also impact on your
overall enjoyment in life and sense of self-worth. However, at the other end of
the spectrum are too many challenges or pressure. While most of us need a
certain amount of pressure to be spurred into action, too much stress induces
anxiety and leads to reduced productivity.

2. Your performance is recognised and rewarded

Another essential element to enjoying work is feeling
that you’re doing a good job and getting good feedback from your boss,
colleagues and customers. Ideally, this should be positive and any criticism
should be constructive. While work is critical for financial reasons, it also
gives us a sense of purpose. Knowing that you’re doing well at your job is
pretty fundamental for feeling good about yourself. Top employers know this and
create a culture around recognising and rewarding good performance. If this isn’t
happening for you, maybe you need to be honest with yourself and well, you do
your job. Otherwise, it might be time to find an organisation or company that
values and puts its people first.

3. You’re really going places

Hand-in-hand with recognising and rewarding work
performance is the opportunity of career progression. If your level of job
satisfaction has plateaued, perhaps it’s because you have as well. The vast
majority of employees want to be challenged in healthy ways, recognised and
rewarded for good performance and ultimately, increase their level of skills,
knowledge, responsibility and income. If you feel you’re in a rut at work, you
need to identify what the roadblocks are. Perhaps you need to ask for
additional work or responsibilities. Maybe you need to do some study and get a
qualification? There are a wide range of courses you can study that could help
boost your job satisfaction and earning potential. For flexible study modes and
job-specific training, take a look into vocational educational providers such
as Careers Australia.

4. You enjoy getting out of bed in the morning

Okay, okay, so this might be a slight exaggeration.
The point here is that when you get up every day, the thought of going to work
isn’t such a bad one. However, if you’re finding it increasingly harder to get
ready and motivated before work, it could be that you’re not in the right job.

5. You feel a sense of purpose

Having a sense of purpose has been identified as a
major contributor to feeling fulfilled and content in life. While there are
different ways to achieve this, work often helps people to feel like they’re
making a difference or contribution to society. If this is something you’re
seeking but not getting, perhaps it’s time for a radical shake-up and a whole
new direction?

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