The Perfect Dress for a Wedding

Storm Cloud Petal Dress I was sent to review was such a pretty feminine dress;
perfect for a wedding I am attending in a few weeks. I love all the gorgeous details, like the floaty sleeves, the
cute buttons adorning the back of the dress and the ribbon to help fit the
dress more flatteringly around my waist.

Beautiful dress from #verrykerry perfect for a #wedding I am attending #mummybloggers #review x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 29, 2015 at 1:52am PDT

really like the company tagline “happiness is contagious” and you know what I
certainly felt better when I put on this beautiful VERRYKerry dress. As my friends well know it’s rare to
actually see me in a dress, but I liked this one so much I felt confident for a
change, ready to go out and face the world! 
It fitted me well and the quality was amazing for the price (£38 in the
sale at the moment!). Also as its
limited edition you know that you’re not likely to bump into lots of people
wearing the same dress! You feel you
own something that bit more exclusive that will help you stand out in the

I often find when you do buy something for a wedding you
do not wear it again, but I can imagine wearing this stunning dress quite
happily to lots of different occasions. 
It’s such a versatile item, which can be made more formal depending on
how you wear your hair and what shoes you pick!

have seen plenty more VERRYKerry items I would love to own, so will be using
all my persuasions on hubbie to spoil me come birthdays and Christmas. I really like the choice of prints that Kerry
Mounsey uses, she is about giving people something more unique and “very kerry”
as her friends would say. As Kerry has
lived in Australia and Africa she has lots of different influences and that can
be seen in her choice of prints and textiles. 

They are also
ethically made, which is wonderful to hear. 
The talented tailors making these dresses with Kerry’s creative vision
are paid 1.5 times the base salary! I
cannot wait until the children’s range launches so I can see what I can buy my

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