Children’s bedroom design: what you need to know

Designing your children’s bedrooms can seem like a challenge, but with the help of the following simple pointers, you should achieve stunning results. You can let your imagination run wild when you’re creating these spaces and produce something truly unique that’s packed with personality.

Choose a theme your child will love

Before you start selecting wallpaper, furnishings and accessories for this room, it’s useful to decide on a theme. This should be something your youngster loves. For example, perhaps your little one’s potty about princesses or a sucker for sport, or maybe they can’t get enough of a particular cartoon or movie character. Once you’ve settled on a theme, try to echo it in various ways throughout the space. From wallpaper and posters to bedspreads and blinds, there should be plenty of products on offer that showcase the subject. Meanwhile, novelty lights can provide the perfect finishing touch. It’s now possible to get illuminations in a wide range of unusual and eye-catching designs. For inspiration, you can visit the websites of lighting specialists such as Festive Lights. You’ll see everything from Star Wars-themed light shades to Superman-shaped table lamps.

Don’t skimp on storage

As well as these fun elements, it’s important to consider functionality – and this is where storage comes in. You’ll need lots of room to house your child’s expanding collection of clothes and toys, so decent-sized wardrobes, cupboards and shelves are essential. Make sure you select sturdy furnishings and, for safety, you may need to screw the tops of tall units into the walls. This will help ensure that if your youngster takes a notion to test their climbing skills, the storage units won’t fall on top of them.

Control light levels with blackout curtains or blinds

Another top tip is to opt for blackout curtains or blinds. These thick, lined window dressings work wonders to keep sunlight and streetlight out of rooms, helping your kids to sleep soundly even when it’s bright outside. These accessories also help to regulate the temperature in bedrooms and they can reduce noise levels too.

Go for fun and inexpensive flooring

Expensive carpets might be a good investment in other parts of your property, but in your children’s bedrooms, they’re almost certainly not the best choice. Kids have an uncanny knack of destroying flooring, so it’s best to go for something cheap and cheerful that you won’t mind replacing in the not too distant future. A good idea is to go for a funky kids’ rug. From fairy tale castles to rockets and racetracks, there’s no shortage of designs to choose from.

Planning children’s bedrooms can take some time and effort, but seeing the smile on your youngster’s face when the project is finished should make all your hard work worthwhile.

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